Bowie vs. Prince ride FAQs (Because I know you were wondering)

Posted by on June 29th, 2012 at 11:00 am

Bowie v. Prince Ride-23

A scene from the 2010 Bowie vs. Prince Pedalpalooza ride.
(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland)

One of Pedalpalooza’s honored traditions happens tonight. Yes, the fifth annual Team Bowie vs. Team Prince party and dance-off will rumble its way onto the streets of Portland tonight. Expect lots of glitter, glamor, and fun.

If the name of the ride isn’t descriptive enough, the organizer of the Bowie faction has shared a helpful FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are you starting at two different locations this year?
A: We’re put the VERSUS in Bowie Vs Prince. (Also to prove that there’s more Bowies.)

Q: I’m ready to ride! How fast are we going!? I’m packing my spandex and bike cleats!
A: Slow down, space cowboy. The ride leaders are both on loaded trikes, so ain’t nothing gonna be fast. 8-9 MPH with frequent dancing stops.

Q: What’s the deal with tunes? Can I bring my sound system and music?
A: Fo’ sure! The more music the better! But remember that most people are expecting to hear 80’s dance music, not your 15-year-old’s folkpunk-emo-nerdcore band.

Q: What should I bring?
A: Dancing shoes, bike lights, glitter, shoulder pads.

Q: Where WILL we end?
A: We’ll end at a close-in spot for a dance party that will last a great portion of the night .

Q: What if I don’t want to be Bowie OR Prince?
A: I don’t have an explanation for your strangeness, but be whoever you want to be. 🙂

Q: I get out of work/drunkenly roll out of my house after 8PM, how can I find you?
A: Tweet @anomalily for Team Bowie ride deets, and @dirtydiablorides for Team Prince details. (Once we meet up, either is fine.)

The ride meets at 7:30 pm tonight (with an 8:00pm roll-out). Team Bowie meets at Seawallcrest Park (SE 31st and Market St) and Team Prince meets at SE 50th and Division. More details here.

If Bowie vs. Prince isn’t your thing, there’s a lot of other fun on bikes to be had tonight. Check out the calendar and get out there!

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Hope it goes late enough to see some serious moonlight, that way tonight you can be star, and find your big dipper.


Minor point – It’s Sewallcrest Park, not Seawallcrest.

And if these rides start too early for you, come on the Bike Club Vest or the Flashdance Ride at 9, or go to the Clinton Street Theater for Bike Smut; we’ll all meet up with the Bowie vs. Prince rides at 26th and Clinton St. at about 11 PM.


“Q: I get out of work/drunkenly roll out of my house after 8PM, how can I find you?
A: Tweet @anomalily for Team Bowie ride deets, and @dirtydiablorides for Team Prince details. (Once we meet up, either is fine.) ”

Huh, hope PPB reads this part! Sadly, there’s a lack of bicycle DUI enforcement in this city- thought we’re still considered ‘vehicles’?

Lillian Karabaic

@breakerbreaker The PPB have my phone number and know to call me if there’s any trouble, as they have every year I’ve led this ride. Also, that was tongue-in-cheek you realize 😉


sweet, awesome, rad.