The Advocacy Roundup

The week ahead in advocacy and wonkery…

Tuesday, October 18th

Pedestrian Advisory Committee Meeting
(7:00 – 9:00 pm, Pettygrove Room, City Hall)
The PAC is the walking-focused cousin of the Bicycle Advisory Committee. The public is welcomed, though public comment is limited. Expect about a dozen committee members, Pedestrian Coordinator April Bertelsen, and some members of the public. You can come and go at any time during the meeting without disruption, so come whenever and however you can.

The October agenda includes a discussion of:

  • High Crash Corridors Update
  • Grant Funding update
  • East Portland in Motion
  • Southwest Portland Sidewalk Infill on Arterials

Wednesday, October 19th

Sullivans Gulch Trail Advisory Committee meeting
(4:00 – 7:00 pm, Metro Regional Center, 600 SE Grand)
The Sullivan’s Gulch (the route that I-84 runs through) hosted the region’s first railroad, first freeway, first MAX line, and soon it will host the first bicycle highway. Drop in at this meeting to see how the project is taking shape. Public encouraged to attend, though it may be “dry.” More info here

Thursday, October 20th

Brownbag Lunch: East Portland in Motion
(Noon – 1:00pm, City Hall, Lovejoy Room (note change of location))
This month’s edition of the PBOT Bicycle Brown Bag lunch series features of East Portland in Motion, a 5-year implementation strategy to improve active transportation options – walking, biking and taking transit – in East Portland. Expect about 40 people, you can come late or leave early as needed to fit your lunch schedule.

ADDED: East Portland Action Plan Bike Subcommittee
(6:30pm – 8:30pm Muchas Gracias, 1307 NE 102nd)
Come help steer bikeway improvements in East Portland.

Car-free Happy Hour
(5:00 – 7:00 pm, Floyd’s Coffee Shop, 118 NW Couch St.)
UPDATE: Please note, this event might no longer be happening.* A social gathering for car-free folks, and the car-free curious. Come enjoy a little social time, and/or talk shop. Expect about 10 people in an informal setting. (Floyd’s has fabulous lentil soup.)

Friday, October 21st

Groundbreaking, Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation
(11:30am, SE Water Ave at Caruthers (near OMSI))
Portland owns two of the world’s largest operable steam locomotives — the Southern Pacific 4449 and the Spokane, Portland and Seattle 700. They’ve been housed in a railroad roundhouse off SE Holgate since 1975. Now, through a highly cooperative effort between the City, museum volunteers and many other entities, they’re getting a permanent home, on public display, next to OMSI. Will bicycling, or Portland’s unique contributions to the development of bicycling as everyday transportation someday, have the same caliber of museum or science institute devoted to it someday? More info here

Seminar: Lessons from Utrecht: Connecting Bicycle and Rail Networks
(Noon – 1:00 pm, PSU Urban Center, Distance Learning Wing, room 204. (SE 6th and Mill))
Portland State University’s Transportation Seminar this week is Ronald Tamse, of the City of Utrecht, Netherlands. From the announcement, Ronald will highlight key examples from Utrecht that show some new ideas, similarities between the Dutch and American approaches, as well as a few lessons imported from Portland. Tamse will also demonstrate the importance of connecting bikeways through network planning, infrastructure, and connections to transit.

Saturday, October 22nd

All Season Cycling Class
1:00 – 2:00 pm, Humboldt Elementary, 4915 N Gantenbein (1 block west of N Vancouver Ave on Alberta)
Part of their ongoing ‘By Cycle’ event series, PBOT is hosting this class to help “fair weather” riders keep on riding all year. A big part of being happy and safe on a bicycle is having the specific knowledge needed for your body and your bicycle to be well suited for your commute.

Portland By Cycle Autumn Rides – Stormwater Gardens and Swales
(2:00 – 3:30 pm, Humboldt Elementary, 4915 N Gantenbein (1 block west of N Vancouver Ave on Alberta))
This ride promises “a tour of street features that increase safety for travelers and decrease the load on our sewer system plus a beautiful stormwater garden.” More info here.

SW Corridor Kickoff Event: West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta
(10:00 am – 4:00 pm, 8325 Nyberg St., Tualatin)
From the event description: “Join the project partners for the kick-off of the SW Corridor Plan. Tell us what you value about your community, challenges and opportunities along the corridor and what you vision for the future is.”


Monday October 24th
Public comment period closes for the CRC Environmental Impact
Statement. More info here

Tuesday October 25th
PBOT Open House on Southwest Sidewalk Infill on Arterials project. More info here

Clark County (Washington) Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Meeting. More info here.

Wednesday October 26th
Crosswalk Enforcement Action at W Burnside and SW 20th Place
More info here

Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods Land Use and Transportation Committee Meeting More info here

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12 years ago

I thought they had changed the project name to Sullivan’s Gulch Corridor and stopped calling it a “trail”.

Adams Carroll (News Intern)
Reply to  craig

depends who you mean by “they”. The grassroots group has, but the City hasn’t.

12 years ago

This weekly column is invaluable.

Ted Buehler
12 years ago

Oops, just found out that the Car Free Happy Hour isn’t currently meeting. But, don’t let that stop anyone from going to Floyd’s and having a good time with each other ;^)

It’s hard to find good info, and online calenders are always a bit questionable. Feel free to email Jonathan with things to add to the calender, or, better yet, post them to this blog post and I’ll check the comments before writing up next week’s list.

Ted Buehler

Ted Buehler
12 years ago

Another event —

Shift Social Meetup, Wednesday the 19th, 7:00pm, The Waypost (3120 N Williams Ave).

Mix, mingle, network, conspire, have a good time.

Ted Buehler

Ted Buehler
12 years ago
Reply to  Ted Buehler

The Shift Social Meetups have been going on for about 9 years. Shift2Bikes is an organization started as “BikeSummer 2002” which was an annual event of “Bike Fun” held in a different North American city each year. Shift is about spreading the love and promoting use of bicycles by having fun and enticing more people to ride, rather than by conventional forms of advocacy, such as speaking up at meetings, making requests or demands from governments, etc.

Come be a part of a Portland’s great legacy of bike fun — hang with the Shifties that make it happen.

Neighbor Gregg
12 years ago

This posts (This week and last week) are really helpful! Even if 1% of Bike Portland readers make it to an extra meeting/ event it really will help make a more informed and passionate community working towards making improvements that benefit us all. Thanks Ted and Jonathan!

PS I’m trying to take a long lunch and make that brown bag discussion at PSU on Friday. Hope to see y’all there.