Pedalpalooza Daily: Friday, June 24th

Hot Sock Ride-10

Hot Sock Ride is tonight at 5:30.
(Photos © J. Maus)

Pedalpalooza might be winding down, but there is still a ton of bike fun to be had. See what’s on the menu below…

4:30pm Food Cart Lovers Ride!
Meet at Cartopia, SE 12th Ave and Hawthorne
Join us for a progressive ride to some of Inner SE Portland’s best Food Cart Pods. Make sure to bring $ for all the delicious goodness, as we travel through the pods we will be creating a video in collaboration with Food Carts Portland and will be learning about the History of Portland’s wonderful Food Cart Scene. The Pods we are planning or thinking about visiting on this ride include
– Ala Carts
– Cartopia
– D Street Noshery
– Good Food Here
– Green Castle

5:00pm Cargo Bike Roll Call!
Meet at Cascade Brewing Barrel House, 939 SE Belmont St
Cargo bike owners (and the cargo curious) are encouraged to show up and show off at Cascade Brewery’s Barrel House. Long Tails, Box Bikes, Stereo Bikes, Cycle Trucks, Beer Bikes, Vending Bikes, Trikes, Quads – any and all are welcome! No cargo bikes turned away! We will have a viewing corral, picknick benches and tons of space for family and friends alike. Be the first to see Metrofiets’ newest beer bike too! (cash bar)

5:30pm Hott Sock 2011 Prime time
Meet at Vera Katz on the Esplanade
Join the well-heeled calve-ry crew for a fun ride with great fashion and bad jokes. After three sock-cessful Hott Socks in 2010, we’re rocking it Prime Time in 2011. Bring math jokes, threadbare puns, and some sock funds for sock fun. Gird your calves with your finest or bare your ankles are you dare, pack a lock and some lights, and get ready for more Hott Sock fun! Meet at Vera [at] 5:30, then we’ll revel with the fine crew of Sock Dreams in Sellwood and then pedal the party to Sock It To Me in inner SE. Leaving late? Meet us along the way.

6:30pm Bike Noir
Meet at WTF Bikes, 1114 SE Clay St
Pedal to unexpected places among the shadows of the Rose City as a mystery unfolds in the gritty industrial underbelly of Portland, Oregon. Follow the action on bicycle to uncover secrets in back alleyways and beneath bridges. Bike Noir marks the Working Theatre Collective’s third venture into Portland-inspired bicycle-powered theatre. Audiences will ride with the performers to a series of locations to experience this film noir inspired play.
This ride is free, but donations are appreciated. film noir getups encouraged! (trenchcoats, dark suits, lipstick, sultry dresses etc.) The Working Theater Collective.

6:30pm Best Summer Ever 2011
Meet at APEX BAR, 1216 SE Division St. (at 12th)
Ride to kick off The Best Summer Ever!
6:30 – gather at Apex (12th & SE Division)
7:00 – Leave Apex
Water Wars – water balloons, bring a water gun if you’ve got it – Washington school
Top of Lloyd Center parking garage, bring a beverage in a bottle to chug at the top. Bomb back down.
Surprise at Irving Park.
Ice cream at Ruby Jewel.
8:30 – Skidmore Bluffs – Sparklers provided, bring snacks and beverages for a sunset picnic.
Any other ingredients for best summer ever, strongly encouraged.

7:00pm Classic Schwinn Chicken Coop Tour
Meet at Cyclopedia, 5711 E Burnside St
Come one and all who love classic Schwinn bicycles and/or chicken coops. We will be noodling around inner NE/SE and looking at or talking to the people who own some of Portlands greatest coops. Will be lead by someone in a chicken suit (Naturally) and will be a easy pace. Bust out the old Travelers, Tourists, Suburbans, or whatever your favorite classic schwinn is. We will have tunes for the ride and we will all gather at Cyclopedia for food and drinks after the ride, please bring your own beverages.

8:00pm Superhero! Ride!
Meet at Col. Summers Park, SE 20th and Belmont
Once again darkness descends upon our fair city… Once again, mild-mannered citizens of Portland call upon secret heroes to right wrongs, rescue kittens, and speak masked, caped, supertruth to power. To the phonebooth! Rend asunder the threads of mediocrity! Revel in the multihued spandex of destiny!

10:00pm Lit And Loud 2011
Meet at Irving Park, NE 7th Ave and Fargo St (meet up top by the bathrooms and the dog park, we shouldn’t be hard to miss)
Join the Northfreak Bike Collective for our 3rd annual pedalpalooza blowout extravaganza! We’ll be meeting at the usual spot, with an unusually large (thats where you come in) number of awesome folks decked out in glowsticks, lights, e.l. wire, reflective tape, noisy stuff, and likely every bike sound system in portland. From there we’ll roll to a fun outdoor spot for games, live music, and probably the sweetest dance party all year! We’ll ride right around 11pm.

Share your plans and promote your ride in the comments below. If you’re a ride leader, feel free to add any last-minute changes/info in the comments below. Also, remember to fill our our Pedalpalooza Ride Report Form after all the fun is over.

Pedalpalooza runs until June 26th. View the full calendar at

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Founder of BikePortland (in 2005). Father of three. North Portlander. Basketball lover. Car owner and driver. If you have questions or feedback about this site or my work, feel free to contact me at @jonathan_maus on Twitter, via email at, or phone/text at 503-706-8804. Also, if you read and appreciate this site, please become a supporter.

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12 years ago

totally hittin’ up the Lit and Loud Ride… North Freak is a fun group… I’ll be their with my xmas lights going as usual… but my neon is not hooked up… hmmm…

12 years ago

Note to self: next year, lead a “Cider Friday” ride.

12 years ago

Lit and Loud is gonna be off the hook. Don’t miss it. Or else you will be tormented by the stories of the craziness we are bringing tonight for the rest of the year.

12 years ago

The Schwicken ride is going to be very loose and will most likely involve egg toss contests in a park as the scheduling has not came together great, I apologize for any inconvenience. It will still be fun!

12 years ago

Things got real meta real fast when an actual Tea Partier happened to film the finale of my Superhero Ride:

Dan Kaufman
12 years ago

Just a few fun/interesting clips from the tail end of the Loud and Lit ride – including Tall Bike Fire Jousting!