Pedal power at the Pride Parade

Posted by on June 20th, 2011 at 12:43 pm

Bikes in the Pride Parade-9-9

(All photos © J. Maus)

This weekend was the big Pride Festival in Portland. On Sunday, my family and I rode down to Waterfront Park to watch the annual parade. It was massive! I was seriously impressed with all the community groups that entered and the energy and enthusiasm of all the people who walked and rolled by.

One pleasant surprise was all the bicycles I saw taking part in the parade — even the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA) and Bike Gallery shared an entry. Congressman Earl Blumenauer led a group of his supporters and staff with a “Are you bike curious?” shirt on.

Check out more photos of the bike-sightings in the parade below, followed by the full slideshow…

Bikes in the Pride Parade-8-8

Hotel Monaco showed off this very cool cargo bike, complete with a percolator, beer tap, and some other pot…

U.S. Congressman Earl Blumenauer…

Bikes in the Pride Parade-3-2

A closer look at the shirt (who’s making those?)…

I like how the Metanoia Peace Community rolls…

Bikes in the Pride Parade-10-10

Portland Pedicabs provided a lift…

Portland’s LGBTQ Yellow Pages advertises on a Portland Pedal Power cargo bike…

The BTA looked like they were having a lot of fun….

BTA Executive Director Rob Sadowsky is really getting the hang of this Portland thing…

Love the heels, tights, and everything else about BTA volunteer Lily K’s outfit and bike…


Check out more shots from the parade in the slideshow below…

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Yeah, but there was STILL that Nike APC. yes. Armored Personnel Carrier. As in 2 ton behemoth. With a Nike Swoosh on it.

Makes me laugh out loud: the night after a HUGE protest against oil and for safety in the streets, a RUNNING company sends their gas guzzler onto the streets to idle in front of crowds.

Adams Carroll (News Intern)

Yeah.. I saw that thing too. Didn’t like it either.


We really need to get Pride hooked up with the PedalPalooza folks and do a GREEN pride: no motorized floats. Pedalpower.

Suggested it a few years ago, but no one noted it. would shake things up.

middle of the road guy
middle of the road guy

Might as well get NORML involved also.


uhhh…why? maybe I am missing something? I was suggesting that we discourage the use of combustion engines that sit idling on the parade route, not weed-smoking along the parade route.

I didn’t think my post addressed legalization in any way.

**scratching my head**

Michael M.

Story suggestion: you might do something about the several Portland-area cyclists who participate in the annual AIDS/LifeCycle ride from S.F. to L.A. All totaled, this year’s ride raised over $13 million — pretty impressive for 545 miles/7 days of pedaling.

There was a group of them in the yesterday’s parade about half-a-dozen strong, but there are more locals who participate.

Perhaps you’ve done something about this in the past and I missed it, but if not … just a suggestion.


Looks like the shirts are available through Earl Blumenauer’s office:


hey, not sure if the video might include some of this, but noticed that the pictures don’t include the three black-bandana’d folks who jumped the parade on bikes in front of Alaska Airlines to decry the corporatization of pride… –katie


FYI: You mention the BTA riders but they mixed in with the folks, including me, who represented the Bike Gallery! Just trying to get my props.