Pedalpalooza Daily: Tuesday, June 14th

Get ready to Hammercise — the most fun you’ll ever having biking around for impromptu, synchronized, MC-Hammer-inspired, jazzercising.
A scene from last year’s ride.
(Photo © J. Maus)

Pedalpalooza 2011 rolls on today with 14 events, including classics like the 5th annual Rocky Butte Sunset Dance Party Picnic, Hammercise and Bike to Skate (at Oaks Park).

I’ve been betting some great ride reports and photos sent in by ride leaders which you can read over on our Pedalpalooza coverage page.

Full list of today’s rides are below. See more details here. Have fun!

11:30am A Nice Long Ride
Let’s meet at the Citybikes Annex at SE 8th and Ankeny and go for a ~30 mile ride! This isn’t about going fast, it’s about the pleasure of being in the saddle for a few hours and maybe checking out some bike paths you haven’t seen before! No one left behind, medium pace but really not that fast. Some hills. We’ll end at the Citybikes Repair Shop (just 10 blocks west of the starting point!) and it will be awesome.

12:00pm Downtown Vancouver Bike Facilities Tour
This is a short bike tour of bike lockers, bike corrals, and bike racks in downtown Vancouver. We will show people how to access the downtown bike lockers and what resources are available to commuters. We meet at the corner of Columbia and West 8th Street at the bike corral, across from Esther Short Park. It will take an hour or less.

4:00pm Ladd’s Addition Streets & Alleys
Kid-focused ride will attempt to trace every foot of street & alleyway in Ladd’s Addition. Kids can mark off on maps where we’ve been & choose where to turn to cover as much of the neighborhood as possible– without backtracking! Start in Ladd’s Circle, and end at Palio coffeehouse for some sweet treats.

5:00pm Photo Scavenger Hunt
Sign up with family or a group of friends. You will need
1)a fun team name, 2) a digital camera, 3) an e-address and a way to e-amil your photos, 4), $5.00 registration fee, 6). Adult permission (for those under 16).
Register, and check your e-mail for your hunt list or pick up your welcome packet at the Washco BTC booth at the Tuesday MarketPlace from5-8pm in downtown Hillsboro.
Send in your photos from the “hunt list” by Aug 23rd to be eligible for prizes.

5:30pm SE Ponds Ride
Second Annual SE ponds ride. Come join us for a tour of some of the most beautiful ponds, creeks, marsh lands, and rivers that Portland has to offer. This is a leisurely 10 mile ride starting and ending at the NE parking lot of Reed College. Helmet is required.

6:00pm Cash Free Bike Swap!!
Bring your sweet bike parts and other “stuff” to swap for other bike parts. No cash please, unless its Johnny.

Rocky Butte Sunset Ride-9

Rocky Butte smile.

6:30pm Rocky Butte Sunset Dance Party Picnic – 5th Annual
Follow the tunes from Irving Park (NE 11th & Klickitat) to Rocky Butte for a potluck, sunset picnic and dance party. We’ll have a professional DJ along, dance ’til you drop on the lawn or just eat and take in the sunset. Party-goers are encouraged to bring healthy food (if that is your thing) and list your ingredients for those with food allergies and preferences.

6:30pm Hammercise Ride
Hammercise is MC Hammer inspired instructional dance aerobics. Come dressed in neon, spandex, and workout gear and be on the Hammercise Street Team. Let’s show Portland how to workout in flashmob style performances! Ride ends at Refuge at 116 SE Yamhill for an all out Hammercise Variety Show Party to help send GiGi and Harry to Europe! ***Not sure what this is? Check my recap/photos from last year.***

7:00pm Unicycle Basketball
Come watch or join a weekly pickup game of unicycle basketball! This fast-paced sport has a rich 45-year history, and is played around the world. The goal is to have fun, learn the basics of the game, and ride around until someone sinks a basket. Feel free just to come and practice riding a unicycle if that’s where you’re at!

7:00pm Dead Baby BIkes Poker Run
See how lucky you can get with Dead Baby Bikes! Free to ride, $5 buy in. Ride hard. Win big. SAFETY THIRD!

7:00pm Bikes for Humanity Volunteer Repair Clinics
Bikes For Humanity (B4H) is a community service project aimed at providing the public affordable refurbished bikes, repair classes & workshop space.
We have 100+ donated used bikes & need volunteers to catalog, clean and refurbish the bikes for a bike adoption event in July.
Shop space has been donated for volunteer training and bike repair. We will begin weekly clinics starting, Tues 5/3/2011. For full details see

8:30pm Bike To Skate
Come get your jam skate on. Bike to the west coast’s largest indoor skate arena. Bring $5. There will be free lessons available.

11:00pm Silent City
shhh! let’s ride together in silence. we rarely are quiet in the city. on this LOOP (around ten miles) we’ll experience what the night offers our senses, and enjoy a meditative ride.

Share your plans and promote your ride in the comments below. If you’re a ride leader, feel free to add any last-minute changes/info in the comments below. Also, remember to fill our our Pedalpalooza Ride Report Form after all the fun is over.

Pedalpalooza runs until June 26th. View the full calendar at

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11 years ago

So STOKED for Hammercise tonight! Thank you for the epic shout out Jonathan! hope to see you on the ride again! I got another pair of spandex for you, you rocking them last year was a highlight for me for sure.

Some notes about the Hammercise fundraiser after party. It is a 5-20$ sliding scale. Im not a fan of bringing money into the mix, but it is a fundraiser after all. I would feel worse but we are gonna deliver the best show you will ever see.

We have more or less the whole Wanderlust Circus (the best circus in town) throwing down with their acts in the style of the late 80’s early 90’s. Acrobats, Aerialists, 8 foot tall unicyclists while juggling, flat land BMX, dance numbers, we got it all.

Vanilla Ice and midget Richard Simmons are going to be MCing the night and finding salvation thru Hammercise.

Double Dutch Corner, Raffle, Beanie Baby Air Cannon Firing Range, and Photobooth with Hammer himself!

Dance party all night in an epic club space with a HUGE sound system. (refuge)

we also will have food available as we know its gonna be a long night of Hammercising.

Hope to see yall there.!/event.php?eid=162981667099451

11 years ago

Not on the PP schedule but the Werewolf Hustle also happens tonight.

Werewolf Hustle Pedalpalooza version this Thursday night. Probably going a little slower than usual to account for the larger group. This is your chance to check it out if you’ve been intimidated by the speed.

We’ll be exploring the Burnt Bridge Greenway in Vancouver & then ending at the Beach Bonfire Danceparty!

7:30pm, Hawthorne Food Carts.