Report: Team Beer Cowboy Ride (photos)

(Photo: Gabe Tiller)

Reporter – Alex Accetta
Ride Date – Friday, June 25, 2010
Ride Description

Barnaby’s stage coach.

Ride Report
On a glorious Friday, the crowd corralled up at Roots for a slow ride over the Hawthorne Bridge, resplendent in all sorts of your favorite Wild West outfits, none greater than the Conestoga wagon ridden by the one and only Barnaby (he’s a bit like a Brazilian soccer star and is one of the few people around who is able to just be referred to by one name).

As we moseyed through the Pearl, many of our utopian brothers and sisters enjoying their happy hours were more likely than not to join us in a chorus of yippee kayeas as we slowly made our way through downtown (yes, even the Conestoga wagon).

Over the Morrison Bridge our first real problem arrived – no brakes on the wagon!

Luckily, Barnaby was able to pull of a Barney Rubble and use the soles of his shoes, along with some help from brake-friendly riders riding shotgun like you see in the picture.

Finally, after a glorious tour of Ladd’s we made our way down 26th past our friends at 7 Corners and off to the post-ride party where we greeted by live music by the bluegrassy music of something-goat-something (sorry I just can’t remember the full name), a couple of hops filled kegs, and an eventual burning of a ritual Christmas tree.

A successful third annual ride – and now those in the know will help make the next year’s secret events even better!

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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