Reader photo of the week: Ice cream for bike lane builders

Free Ice Cream for Cycle Track Builders

The Bicycle Business League delivered free ice cream treats to the PBOT road crew installing the new cycletrack on SW Broadway on Tuesday. (Photo by Flickr user Portland Pedalworks in the BikePortland Photographers photo pool)

The Bicycle Business League, a new alliance of bicycle-based and bike-related businesses (we covered its formation back in May), has held its first public event, giving out ice cream treats and popsicles to the PBOT workers who were installing the city’s first cycle track on SW Broadway.

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The ice cream was provided by League member Icycle Tricycles, and the event was held with PBOT’s permission during the opening ceremony events for the facility.

All are welcome to add your own photos to our photo pool for potential inclusion in this feature.

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Todd Boulanger
Todd Boulanger
14 years ago

Cool! & Sweet! Very Savvy folks – thanks BBL.

14 years ago

Icicle Tricycles was very excited to deliver free frozen treats to the PBOT Maintenance crew on behalf of the Bicycle Business League. We hope to make Ice Cream for Bike Lanes a regular event and were honored to deliver to the PBOT crew who striped the new Cycle Track. Thanks to the crew, PBOT, and the Mayor’s office for building this new bike infrastructure!

Icicle Tricycles

14 years ago

What a GREAT idea! This photo chocked full of smiles tells me adults are just large kids that have been alive longer.
Big guy on the right, even though he’s wearing shades, you can see he’s plainly ignoring the attractive young female vendor while intently estimating the volume of the cargo, forced by civility to display restraint in public, body language saying: “Get this photo-op over already and gimme a half-dozen nutty buddies!”
Guy coming in on the left: Looks like he’s hoping no one saw him snatch the vest off the truck and barely makes it in proximity to qualify for free treats. “Me too, me too!” Probably the supervisor. Okay, but with a straight face, tell me I’m wrong!

14 years ago

As a member of the Bicycle Business League I am excited to support this awesome program. Although the League is young, we will become a significant contributor to the community and I encourage other businesses to contact us for more information about participation or to attend a meeting to see if you share common goals.