July 2009 site stats and top stories

Here are BikePortland’s traffic stats from the month of July. Two of our stories — an editorial about the “Should Cyclists Pay a Road Tax?” ad on the MAX, and an article about a bid to convert the Memorial Coliseum into a venue for bike racing, were picked up and spread widely among local news media; our story about credit card fraud at an online retailer gained national attention.

Our third most popular story this month was actually posted in mid-June — the World Naked Bike Ride is, apparently, always news.

Finally, Jonathan’s story about a three-family bike camping trip he went on a few weeks ago was the sleeper story of the month, earning a lot of enthusiastic traffic and expanding the public view of just what’s possible with kids, and without a car.

Visits – 175,219
Average visit length – 02:58
Pages viewed – 385,813
Front page stories posted (not including our stolen bike listings) – 115

Top Five Stories (*In terms of pageviews analyzed by Google Analytics):

1. Editorial: Marketing campaign asks the wrong question

2. Fraud hits local customers of online retailer Nashbar

3. An estimated 5,000 take part in Portland’s Naked Bike Ride

4. Velodrome backer sees perfect opportunity in Memorial Coliseum

5. 7 kids, 6 adults, and an unforgettable carfree camping trip

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Elly Blue (Columnist)

Elly Blue has been writing about bicycling and carfree issues for BikePortland.org since 2006. Find her at http://takingthelane.com

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