Bike racing rules at PIR on Mondays: A Short Track slideshow

Posted by on July 21st, 2009 at 12:34 pm

Short Track MTB Racing -16

Whooping it up at Short Track.
-Slideshow below/Gallery
(Photos © J. Maus)

Made it out to the Short Track MTB Racing series at Portland International Raceway last night.

It was a very healthy scene. Organizer/promoter Kris Schamp is getting nearly 400 participants each Monday and it’s easy to see why. The vibe is fun and welcoming and the course is a real treat (although last night’s was pretty tough on folks).

What’s even more amazing about Monday nights at PIR is there’s also road racing going on. Jim Anderson’s River City Race Monday Night series brings in a solid crowd of masters and women racers. To see them flying around the track just yards from mountain bike racers kicking up dust, is a real testament to the health of Portland’s race scene.

PIR is just a few miles north of downtown Portland. You should consider riding out sometime to see and/or partake in the action yourself next week.

Check out my photos from Short Track in the slideshow below:

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Shawn Small

rough course last night!

The heat and dust really made it extra hard.

beth h

Great to see you at the races last night, Jonathan. Now if we can just get you on a bike…! Seriously, come out and play in the dirt! It’s a BLAST!

Nat Johnson
Nat Johnson

Thanks for the photos. That course was tough, and the heat was even tougher. I’m glad you caught me in all of my cut-off jeanshort wearing glory. 😉
“Casual night” = sticky dusty overheating… and I can’t wait to do it again next week (back in the lycra)!

Adams Carroll (News Intern)

Nice seeing you too Beth. Just FYI I’ve raced Short Track several times in past years. I know it’s a blast! I’ll try to saddle up again next week.


Nice pictures. Shot #2 shows my pain and suffering pretty well! And yes, it was hot and dry and dusty. The lemonade at the CK booth post race was to die for.

Another thing to add is that this is a really family friendly event. My 2 kids both raced (free) on the kid track and continued to ride it over and over again (instead of watching dear old dad mind you). We finally had to pull my 5 y/o off his bike when it was time to go or he would have been there all night!


oh, it was summer *business* casual. well, ideally my business would involve swimming so the bikini still works.

Ron Strasser

Course was most tight and technical yet. Heat made me think I was on planet Mercury. Shade and water are good things! Did I say I had fun? I did have fun.
Just a reminder for readers. We also have a kiddie race for the younger ones each week (start time is 5:45 PM). This race is free. All the parent needs to do is fill out and sign a waiver. The small ones do one lap, slightly older ones do two laps. This is all on their very own kiddie course that we set up just for the kids. Parents seem to take lots of pictures and videos at these events. Northwest Trail Alliance also sets up an obstacle course for kids/adults to ride in the same general area. Lots of fun for the family. Mom and Dad can try “Beginner” race too…. check out Portland Racing site. Only two Monday races left this summer.
ps… not a salesman here, just want people to see or partake in the fun.
Smiles are healthy.


Coverage of the bicycle road racing at PIR on KGW TV:


Jonathan: thanks for coming out and sharing your impressions. Next week, we hope to see you back… to race! It looks like it will be hot again, but the friendly folks at PIR will let us turn on some mega-sprinklers, so that should keep racers cool and make the course even more interesting.

BTW: talking about riding your bike over to PIR, check out this one:


Jonathan, thanks for the comin’ out last week! The pix look great.
It was sooooo hot. It was all I could do to strip my jersey and helmet off after the race. And wash the mud out of my throat with a nice cold one.
Next week?