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This year, the street
will be officially carfree
for opening night crowds
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Filmed by Bike, Portland’s legendary bike film festival now in its seventh year, is gearing up to be bigger and better than ever, taking over the entire street with a beer garden and plenty of room for the expected record crowds to show off their crazy bikes and wild costumes during the huge Friday “opening night throwdown.”

To help get you in the mood, you can now watch a a handful of shorts from the upcoming lineup on the Filmed by Bike website.

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The festival this year will be April 17 – 23, at the Clinton Street Theater at SE 26th and Clinton.

The opening night on the 17th will include three screenings of the “Ruckus in the Street” program — organizers added an 11pm time slot because they have never once been able to fit all the people who show up to the Friday night party into the theater.

Another Friday night fixture is a raffle at each screening. Organizers have rounded up dozens of prizes from local bike crafters and businesses.

If you prefer a quieter setting in which to enjoy your bike films, the Friday night ruckus is followed by six more nights of screenings this year, including several different programs featuring different films, including a “Best of” program and a Wonk Night featuring the schedule for more details.

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Travis Wittwer
15 years ago

I may be incorrect, and if I am, please say so so that I can plan my attendance. You wrote, “The opening night on the 17th will include three screenings of three different programs”. When I checked the schedule, it says that the Ruckus in the Street program will be the one shown at each of the three showings on the opening night.

Should be a great deal of fun! Psssst, keep an eye out for the bike rack video short. Cheers.

15 years ago

ha ha. messengers in england get owned by rollerbladers.

15 years ago

Seems like the 17th is not the second Friday of the month. Hmmmm…… Another tradition by the wayside.

15 years ago

We’re really excited for this year’s festival. Slight correction, there are SEVEN nights of movies this year. We’ll have two programs of the submissions of bike shorts, a night of Greatest Hits and a special wonky-wonk night with stories of advocacy featuring short bike movies from Street Films with guest commentary.

Check out our schedule for all the details.

And remember, the New Belgium Street Party goes until 1am, so come party in the street with us!

We look forward to seeing you out there!

Elly Blue
15 years ago

Thanks Ayleen,

I edited the story.

This is going to be fun.