Another homegrown bike craft: Duct tape handlebar bags

Handlebar bag out of duct tape-1

Yes that’s duct tape,
with a reflective star.
(Photos © J. Maus)

Tomas Quinones can be seen frequently on Shift bike fun rides, Cycle Wild camping trips, and other bike cultural events.

He recently began making, and selling, simple handlebar bags made out of duct tape. In Quinones’ words:

I started making them for my own use back in January after I grew tired of my large Ortlieb handlebar bag preventing me from using a light on my handlebars. I just wanted something small and simple for snacks, batteries, and camera so that a light can be used effectively without any type of special mounting. Most other bags I had seen were too large or more complex than needed.

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Get Together in Multnomah Village-7

Tomas Quinones (left)
at the BikePortland
Get Together in
Multnomah Village last

After I had made my first digital camo bag, several friends wanted me to make one for them in other colors.

I’m still plotting out other designs as I can find most colors of duct tape in local stores or online. I’m also going to experiment with other reflective designs other than a star — perhaps a mudflap girl?

And so another local bikecraft business was born.

Quinones sells the bags online through his page on Etsy, a popular web site where people sell their own hand-made goods and crafts.

I’m hoping we’ll be able to talk him into participating in our next BikeCraft event, which we are planning for the beginning of August. Stay tuned for more details.

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15 years ago

Those are made of WIN.

15 years ago

I am looking forward to getting mine ~red with a star, so retro-Ruskie ~and perfectly color coordinated with my bike! Thanks for sharing this story!

15 years ago

Damn you dad! It’s not playing with duct tape, it’s ORIGAMI!!!!!

Nice proportions, very nice.

Tomas Quinones
15 years ago

Thanks for the mention! I’ll have to wait to see how the bags are received and how long they last in warm weather before I can seriously consider bike craft.

15 years ago

Too bad I’m broke – those look cool!! Mine would have to be black or silver to match my lovely steed, er, bike.

15 years ago

What’s next for innovative materials – marzi-panniers?


15 years ago

Oh, come on… I saw Martha Stewart making duct tape crafts years ago.

15 years ago

Interesting to see; is there potential to re-use any materials for these?