Local distillery’s vodka label homes in on passion for bikes

(Photos © Elly Blue)

Portland-based New Deal Distillery will unveil a new label for their signature Portland 88 vodka next month.

The label features an illustration of a woman standing valiantly astride a fat-tired cruiser bicycle, sporting striped kneesocks, a flowing dress, and a playing card in the spokes. Think of her as Portlandia (Portland’s patron saint that adorns the City of Portland building downtown) on wheels.

Hoping to learn more about New Deal, I headed over to the distillery one sunny day (it’s right across the street from our office) to check out their operation and see the new label.

That happened to be during the Worst Day of the Year Ride, and the distillery had opened its doors to invite ride participants in for tastings. I chatted briefly with founders and co-owners Tom Burkleaux and Matthew Van Winkle before a bunch of costumed riders came in to sample the lemongrass vodka.

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I asked Tom some more questions over email. Why put a bike on your label? He wrote (emphasis mine),

Both Matthew and I have been in Portland for most of our lives and we love this city. We wanted to celebrate what we think is great about this place. If Portlandia got off her pedestal and rode a bike, I imagine this is what she’d look like. She’d be DIY, a bit punk (and clearly she wouldn’t be in a car!).

Tom Burkleaux

The illustration came from a many months long collaboration with Bob Thompson of Dangerr Creative. Thompson used to work out of the ActivSpace building where New Deal was also located before it moved across the street.

Their Portland 88 Vodka is New Deal’s attempt to make a good, affordable, basic vodka, inspired by the founders’ experience as young Portlanders in the 80s. Bottles with the new label will be available in stores in about a month, or, “As soon as we can afford to print it!”, said Burkleaux.

The New Deal tasting room at SE 9th and Main is open most Saturdays from noon until 4pm.

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Elly Blue (Columnist)

Elly Blue has been writing about bicycling and carfree issues for BikePortland.org since 2006. Find her at http://takingthelane.com

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Andrew Holtz
Andrew Holtz
15 years ago

Now I know where I’ll be spending Saturday afternoons.

15 years ago

Dang! I rode the long version and somehow I missed that. A little toot would have been a lovely way to prepare for the climbing.

15 years ago

New Deal is awesome. So is Integrity Spirits. We are fortunate to have them both in town!

15 years ago

blessed be the sauce makers for their spirits help ours.

new deal has given to so many worthy causes. thanks guys!

15 years ago

The New Label looks great! keep up the good work New Deal!!!