BikeCraft IV — Final vendor list

BikeCraft IV will be here next week! We have an amazing collection of crafters and artists this year. More people than ever before came forward, with work ranging from gorgeous artisan metalworking to silkscreened patches for your messenger bag. There is something for everyone — so shop local this holiday season as you replenish your stylish warm-weather gear and find perfect gifts for all the bike lovers in your life.

So without further ado, here’s the full 2008 lineup:

Bike art, and art made of bike parts

  • Bren Reis and his girlfriend Kris are bringing their hand-crafted wood furniture with bicycle motifs.
  • Mike Cobb crafts well-made, beautiful and functional wind chimes out of worn out drivetrains.
  • Liz Dickey is back this year with her classy clocks integrating bicycle parts.
  • …and BikeCraft would not be complete without work by painter Tiago DeJerk.

For your bike to wear

  • Gram Shipley / Ful-Floating, Ful-Kustom
  • Megan Denton makes gorgeous leather shoe straps that may just be that final touch you’ve been wanting for your fixie.
  • Jene-Paul makes art headlamps from creamers, teapots, cameras, and other reused items — look for him lighting up the darkest corner of the room!
  • Fun Reflector is back this year with even more fancy shaped reflective stickers to affix to your helmet, fenders, bike, water bottle, and more

Panniers, messenger bags, wallets, and more

  • Ed Skaug is the newest addition to Portland’s local pannier and bag makers.

To wear on your bike

  • Caroline of Little Package will be back with her handmade cycling caps
  • Ken Nelson will be there with his DryHigh rain chaps — an alternative he has devised to the hassle of rainpants.
  • Jonathan Severdia has made some unique helmet covers that you’ll just have to see for yourself.
  • Jillian Sevick of Seamripper has been hard at work in the office next door to ours making cycling caps out of re-used fabrics. If we’re lucky she’ll have her prototype mod-style rain cape ready to show off…
  • Ben Salzberg’s Beer View Mirrors, rear view mirrors made out of bottle caps with neat designs, are always a hit.

Bling to wear on or off the bike

  • Jim Duthie makes earrings and necklaces out of unlikely bike parts.
  • George Ramos of Ciclismo Design creates and engraves silver medallions for cycling protection
  • Julia Garretsontakes bits of bike tubes and incorporates them into beaded jewelry

To wear anywhere

  • Rachel Betrus is a crafter whose work is largely inspired by her love of bicycles. She’ll be bringing an array of top tube pads, messenger bags, quilted arm warmers, hats, patches, scarves, hoodies
  • Justa Phillips is back again after participating in the debut BikeCraft, with her bike-themed jewelry and clothes
  • Krishna Muirhead creates unique bicycle related t-shirts
  • Paul MacCammond is newly arrived in town from Austin, and makes clothing out of bike parts
  • Rachel Dominguez-Benner of A Red Bee Designs will be back again this year with her cycling caps, shoelace wranglers, and stationery
  • bIKE pUNK a southeast Portland startup, prints bike motifs on t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, patches, and more
  • Bike Farm, the Northeast Portland based non-profit bicycle learning shop, will be spreading the love with silkscreened underwear and bike posters

Stationery, posters, zines, books, t-shirts, and more

  • Rebecca James of Upcycle 27 creates handmade patches, pins, stickers, zines, and “upcycled” goods out of old banners and signs that she finds discarded.
  • Shawn Granton makes zines, bikey cards and other graphic bike art
  • A trio of Woodlawn neighborhood residents have ganged up under the name Wood-Craft-Lawn, and will be selling bike culture magnets and lightswitch covers, along with Best-Of DVDs from Filmed By Bike and t-shirts from the popular film fest.
  • Nickey Robo will be selling bike themed t-shirts, and copies of Small Movements, her film about the Sprockettes.
  • Microcosm Publishing will be bringing its usual classic array of books, zines, stickers, and patches
  • Stumptown Printers, a longtime component of the Portland bike community, will have their line of beautiful bicycle themed posters for sale

BikeCraft IV is on Wednesday, December 10th, from 5:30pm to 11:00pm, at Roots Organic Brewing on SE 7th Ave just south of Hawthorne. We’ll have baked goods available, organic house-brewed beers on tap, and bike parking provided by BikeRacker.

See you there!

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