One Million Bicycles officially launches: Watch the video

Posted by on May 9th, 2008 at 9:29 am

One Million Bicycles, the ambitious event that plans to hold 100 bike rallies in 50 states and recycle and donate 1 million bikes by August 2009, is rolling full steam ahead.

Organizer and author/activist Joe “Metal Cowboy” Kurmaskie is assembling his staff, registration is now open at and a kick-off video has just been released (watch it below).

Kurmaskie says he’s already gotten responses from as far away as Nova Scotia and the Bahamas, “and groups are coming together for rallies in Maine, Connecticut, and New York City to just name a few!”

For more information on the One Million Bicycles campaign/event, read the full story on

Here’s the kick-off video featuring Joe Kurmaskie and put together by Dan Kaufman of CrankMyChain.

Register, spread the word, and get involved.

This event has the potential to make a powerful and positive statement about bicycles in America. Like Joe says, “This is the Woodstock of the bicycle world.”

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Matt Picio

This is such an awesome project – everyone, please, register and give $5, give a bike, give both, and if you have time, volunteer and help make this campaign a success! We can all help 1M Bikes generate the momentum, the will, the (wo)manpower (no offense to the womyn out there) to make this campaign a success and influence federal legislation to make the climate for bikes a little closer to equitable.

I\’ve already committed to bringing a new rider to the Portland rally on 8/9/09, and paid my $10 for the both of us. What are *you* willing to commit?

Come on, everyone, get involved!


This is Great Joe!!! I\’m registered.

Metal Cowboy

Thanks Matt for the rally call – just to let everyone know – these are going to be inclusive events not crit mass vibe – we\’re talking fellowship of the wheel – everyone from fixies to families, zoobombers to clown bikes, racers to bents. Anyone who supports the idea of bicycles as part of the answer to healthcare, oil wars, global warming, peak oil, economic savings – so many solutions come when you crank that chain. Happy Mother\’s Day ( I was my mother\’s day present so it\’s a double celebration weekend for me. I hope to sepnd much of my birthday in the saddle! But some of it will probalby be spent pllanning the revolution. I know, I don\’t have the cool factor or the looks of say a Che, but we\’re going to put a positive perrsonal, community and societial revolution into play – from rolling cages to bikes, and not a moment too soon.


Yeah man – more power to you!


Looking forward to 08/09/09 and looking forward to seeing you here in Tacoma at the TWBC meeting.

Gene from Tacoma