Smith turns in 1,180 signatures, certification likely

This just in from the Chris Smith campaign:

Chris Smith Submits 1,180 Signatures for VOE Certification

This afternoon Chris Smith formally requested certification as a publicly financed candidate under the city’s “Voter Owned Elections” system. Smith, who is running for the Position 1 seat of the City Council, turned in 129 additional qualifying signatures and accompanying five-dollar contributions from registered Portland voters for a total of 1,180 qualifying contributions. Candidates running for City Commissioner qualify for an initial $150,000 in public financing from the City by collecting a minimum of 1,000 verifiable signature-contributions and adhering to a strict code of conduct when campaigning. The City Elections Officer has already verified 921 of Smith’s first 946 forms.

As one of Portland’s most active citizen-leaders, Smith helped to design the initial version of the “voter-owned” system. “Public financing of campaigns represents a fundamental shift in the way communities elect their leaders and in the way potential leaders reach out to communities,” he says. “By not having to focus their energy and attention on soliciting funds from a small group of deep-pocketed benefactors, publicly-funded candidates can instead focus on connecting with the most vital and important component of elections, the people.”

Smith extends his congratulations and encouragement to all other candidates seeking financing under the public system.

I’ll have more on Smith, along with a complete update on all the 2008 election news coming to the Front Page soon.

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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