An invitation to ride with kids

kids riding in Northeast

A leader escorts kids from Fernwood School
during a ride through northeast Portland.
File photo: 4/27/07

The BTA is ramping up their Bicycle Safety Education Program and they’re teaching hundreds of 4th-7th graders throughout Portland how to become better bikers.

The last lesson in their 10-hour training program is to take the kids on a community ride through the streets around their school. As you can imagine, riding on city streets with 30 young kids in tow, takes a bit of extra care. That’s why the BTA needs ride leaders to volunteer and help instructors on these rides.

Here’s the word from Anna Scalera, the BTA’s Youth Program Coordinator,

“The rides are a fun time, promising at least one funny kid who will make you laugh out loud. Plus, as we all know, the future of biking lies with our kids, so come share your bike passion.”

I’ve joined several of these rides in the past, and each time I’ve left feeling energized and with a smile on my face.

Here are the remaining community rides that need volunteers. To sign up, contact Anna at (503) 226-0676 ext. 19, or email anna(at)bta4bikes(dot)org.

(Schools that have ***** by them to indicate a higher need for volunteers.)

kids in northeast

A volunteer demonstrates proper
stopping technique and hand signals.
File photo: 4/27/07
    May 4 (Friday)*****
    Rosa Parks Elementary
    4221 N. Willis Blvd.
    Morning shift: 9:20-11:45
    Afternoon shift: 12:30-1:45

    May 4 (Friday)*****
    Atkinson Elementary
    5800 SE Division St.
    Morning shift: 9:30-12:00
    Afternoon shift: 12:30-3:00

    May 11 (Friday)
    Sunnyside Environmental
    3421 SE Salmon St.
    Morning shift: 8:45-11:00

    May 11 (Friday)
    Sellwood Middle School
    8300 SE 15th
    Morning shift: 9:30-11:35
    Afternoon shift: 12:50-2:00
    After-school shift: 3:45-5:00

    May 18 (Friday)*****
    Sacramento Elementary
    11400 NE Sacramento
    Morning shift: Times TBA
    Afternoon shift: Times TBA

    May 25 (Friday)*****
    Gregory Heights Middle School
    7334 NE Siskiyou
    Morning shift: 10:15-11:30
    Afternoon shift: 1:00-2:20

    June 11 (Monday)
    Buckman Elementary
    320 SE 16th
    Morning shift: Times TBA
    Afternoon shift: Times TBA

    June 8 (Friday)*****
    Tubman Middle School
    2231 N Flint
    Midday shift: 11:05-12:20

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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17 years ago

Not to steal from Anna’s thunder, but if anyone is interested in a more in-depth volunteer experience getting kids on the road, the Community Cycling Center needs some help with our new Bike Safety Club at Faubion Elementary, in NE Portland.

If you can be free on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons from 3:15-5:15(we especially need help on Wed), and are excited about helping a diverse group of students learn about bike safety and earn bikes of their own, please email me at

The program will run through June 6th.