New web TV series based on Portland bike culture

Dan Kaufman of CrankMyChain Cycle TV tipped me off about a new web TV series based on Portland’s bike culture.

[The Bicyclist is a new web
TV series based on Portland’s bike culture.]

The Bicyclist” will premiere March 1st and is the work of Carl and Sharon Jameson of Craftmaster Independent, a Portland-based video production company.

According to Sharon,

“We love to ride our bikes and live in northeast Portland near Alberta Street and couldn’t help but notice all the different types of bicyclists in the area.”

The series is an ensemble comedy initially seen through the eyes of Conrad Miller, a transplant to Portland from Middleton, Wisconsin.

CrankMyChain Cycle TV went on location with the show and has this behind-the-scenes coverage:

Carl and Sharon plan on growing the cast and the types of bicyclists to keep the series storylines and characters fresh. Here’s a look at some of the cast members:

  • Jayme Hall as The Bicyclist – (Conrad Miller): He’s a few years out of college with an English degree, a few weeks out of relationship and never had a decent job or direction. He read about Portland in a magazine – got in his car and headed west, from Middleton Wisconsin, to become a bike mechanic.
  • Don Bellairs as Demon SUV – The on-road and on-line blogging nemesis of all bicyclists. No one knows who he is for sure – but he always shows up in unexpected places and at unusual times.
  • Tricia Ferguson as Designer Clothing Store Owner: Ariel Flores is not quite sure she’s located her store in the right part of town, but she’s trying to make the best of it. Thinks clothes make the woman and riding a bike is for those who can’t afford to lease a car.
  • John Patrick as DUI Rider aka Slow Jim: He’s been convicted of driving a car under the influence of alcohol – so now he rides a bike because he doesn’t have any other choice. Watch out he could be behind you right now.
  • Kelly Jo Horton as Ms. Weekend Warrior: Never ready to ride, always ready to stop – until she realizes she might just be a better rider than Mr. Weekend Warrior. This biking thing just might be more fun than she thought.

The first episode was shot on February 24, 2007 and will be online on March 1. They plan to keep shooting more episodes once a month.

The series will eventually have large cast of bicyclists of all types – producer Carl Jameson says if there’s any bicyclists out there who’d like to be involved as background players just send him an email at info[at]thebicyclist[dot]tv.

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15 years ago


I’ll have to look at getting the trailer tots in as extras.

We’re assuming union rates and a fully stocked Kraft table…

15 years ago

So, so sweet. Will there be any romantic themes? Special guests by famous cyclists? Will the cyclists ever get stuck on a desert island with Matthew Fox?

Oh the cycling possibilites are endless. Nice going. I’ll be a watcher…

15 years ago

Where’s the old grandpa ex-roller-racer who now rides a recumbent trike and gives sagely advice to troubled youngsters?

Kari Chisholm
15 years ago

Um, I think he’s the mayor now.

MS. Weekend Warrier
15 years ago

Ms. Weekend Warrier here. I’m definitely hoping for some romantic interludes! ;^) I know I’ll be doing a lot of riding in The Gorge, and I should be showing up in the fourth or fifth episode.

Stay tuned…

Kelly Jo

15 years ago

This show is horrible. The writing is drivel. The producers really have no idea what is happening in the Portland bicycle scene, are not a part of this community, and are attempting to rip off bike culture because bikes are in fashion right now.

15 years ago

Wow, way to take a positive representation of our fine city\’s bicycle culture and slam it after only watching two episodes.

Do you really know what the producers know or do not know?

What\’s all the anger about?

14 years ago

watched more than two episodes and i still agree with “e” -#6