KBOO Bike Show seeks new theme song

[Via the Shift email list]

This just in from Ayleen Crotty, host of the KBOO Bike Show.

The KBOO Bike Show is hosting a contest for a theme song.

Submit your theme song by October 1st.

The winner will have his or her song featured on every single KBOO Bike
Show (a monthly program) along with a plug for the musician (optional).

– 3-5 minutes in length
– mention bikes in a positive way
– fun but not too cheesy, we’re just not a hokey show
– upbeat (mellow just won’t work)
– original music preferred
– Portland-related would be awesome

And by the way, I’ve added the KBOO Bike Show feed to my sidebar.

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Jeff S
Jeff S
16 years ago

sounds like a job for…Senor Landia!

Dan Kaufman
Dan Kaufman
16 years ago