Update: Messengers prep for S.S. Pussycat

[Editor’s note: I got this all wrong! This event is not being organized by messengers and while the format is modeled after messenger races, most of the participants are not messengers and the event is open to all ladies and transgendered riders. According to one of the organizers, “This is a fun race for all ladies and trans folk…speed is important but cunning can count even more.”]

[From last year’s Pussycat.]
Photo: Tori B.

Local bike messengers are getting psyched for this weekend’s S.S. Pussycat alleycat race. This is the 3rd annual S.S. Pussycat which is billed by organizers as a “ladies and transgender only event.”

Alleycats are informal events (meaning no permits and thus no hasslin’ by the Man) where participants are given a list of locations they must visit in a certain order. Route selection is up to each rider.

Interested competitors should show up at 1:00pm at Lillis Albina Park (N. Flint and Russell) this Sunday.

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tori bortman
tori bortman
16 years ago


Thanks so much for posting that!

Just so you know, there’sonly one messenger (thanks to Emily who did the amazing poster artwork) involoved in organizing this, almost all of the volunteers are non-messengers, and most of the racers aren’t messengers either. While this is modeled after messenger races, this is an alleycat for all women and transgendered people as an alternative to the lack of ladies (messenger or not) in other alleycats.

No big deal, just wanted to let you know since the posting kinda made it seem like only messengers would be involved or racing. This is a fun race for all ladies and trans folk, and speed is important but cunning can count even more, (and most points for fun!).

In any case, thanks again and keep up the great work!


16 years ago

I think this is a great idea and I can understand the desire for an all-woman and transgendered event. At the same time I wish that more women would show up at alleycats and bike events in general.

16 years ago

I second that skid… Maybe the Pussycat will not only provide an opportunity for women and transgendered people to race, but may also provide them with the confidence to show up to a co-ed event and race there too!

16 years ago

And congrats to our Bethany! Who, although I missed the event, tells me she won!