Southeast Uplift launches Bike Buddy Program

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The long awaited Bike Buddy program has just been officially launched by Southeast Uplift (SEUL), a non-profit coalition of southeast Portland neighborhoods.

According to SEUL’s Steve Hoyt,

“This program will provide a tremendous service to tentative, less confident bicyclists by allowing them to benefit from the vast resources of Portland’s experienced bicycling population.”

“Modeled after similar programs in Seattle, the Bike Buddy Program will match experienced bicyclists with people who would like to bike more but would like one-on-one guidance. Bike Buddies will learn the best routes around town, the safest ways to cross the river, and other tips to make riding enjoyable, easy, and safe.”

At this time, the program is only available to people who live within the Southeast Uplift service area, which stretches east from the Willamette River to I-205 and south from I-84 to the city/county border.

Hoyt’s plan is to run the program in September, conduct an evaluation, then hunt for funding to take the project citywide, ideally in the spring.

Hoyt says they’re looking for mentors but are particularly looking for new cyclists who could use a guiding hand to show them the ropes…so please spread the word to friends and co-workers! Let’s help get this program off to a solid start.

For more information download the Bike Buddy Program brochure (PDF) or contact Steve Hoyt at (503) 232-0010 x321 or steve[at]southeastuplift[dot]org.

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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Chris Cotrell
Chris Cotrell
16 years ago

AWESOME. I’d love to see a Commute Buddy program, that matches people with similar commute locations and times to ride together. It would be good for all levels of cyclists to ride in groups for increased safety and, for that matter, fun.

Adams Carroll (News Intern)
16 years ago

Chris, you really don’t even need a program to hook up with other commuters. Several people have connected by posting to the Forums.

I have re-opened them back up and am still working out some kinks, but feel free to go in and post about your commute under the General Discussion area.

16 years ago


A: Remember what I told you about job references from out-of-state.

B: I googled “commute buddy, Santa Barbara” and they have such a program. However, I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE that it’s not as good of a program as ours, mostly because you’d get paid better here and could afford a house.

*The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition is helping to start an informal and casual bike commute mentor or “bike buddy” program in which regular bike commuters help new bike commuters get used to bicycling to work or around town for everyday transportation.*

*Contact the Coalition if you have a regular bike commute and you’d be willing to have folks ride along with you or if you’re looking to ride with an experienced cyclist who can help you with route selection and rules of the road.*

*You can simply email or call 961-8919. The Bicycle Coalition will post your commute info via its website, newsletter and CycleSmart bike classes. *

Carye Bye
Carye Bye
16 years ago

Congrats to SE Uplift for their awesome efforts to get this program rolling!!!

For anyone interested in following SE Uplift’s bike buddy program AND the possible expansion of a bike buddy program serving all neighborhoods of Portland, please feel free to join the Portland Bike Buddy listserve:

It’s pretty quiet right now, but you can read archived emails and view documents in the shared folder. Part of the purpose of this listserve is to gather interested community members who believe one on one mentoring is one of the best ways to get more people riding bikes for all sorts of trips from work to going to the store.

Seattle & Washington have city-wide bike buddy programs, and it’s shocking that Portland (The #1 biking city) does not. Small attempts have happened in the past, but the city has never had a bike buddy program set up for Portlanders. SE Uplift’s efforts to start a specific neighborhood program is a great start. We have an opportunity to learn from the pilot program, and in the near future start making first steps to bring such a program city-wide – perhaps run by the city or another non-profit.


Steve Hoyt
16 years ago

Jonathan, thanks for posting this.

Fellow cyclists, if you’re interested, please let us know soon. And as Jonathan notes, we really need help findnig the new/prospective riders.

I wanted to give a shout out to our PSU Public Health interns, Heidi Janes and Carrie Bader, who did a great job developing the materials for the project. Linda Ginenthal at PDOT’s Transportation Options has been very supportive and helpful. Jessica Roberts and Michelle Poyourow at the BTA and Greg Raisman w/ PDOT were their usually wonderful selves.

Please help us spread the word!