Stolen: Blue Novara

My bike was stoke in front of New Seasons grocery store on 7/26/06 at
9:40pm. It had a combination cable lock on it. No sign of the lock after
the theft.

The bike was a purplish electric blue Novara with Shimano gears/shifters
etc. A distinguishing feature is that it has the nice curved handle bar
extensions, but whoever owned it first installed them without removing the
foam handlebar grips and so there is a big buldge of foam at the start of
the extension.

Thanks for any help!

tel: 503.295.9400

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17 years ago
…is this your bike? The handle bars don’t sound like the ones you describe, but they can be changed. I am interested in this bike and then saw your notice, thought I would forward this just incase. My tn is 503-358-2850.