Stolen: Schwinn 26″ BMX

I had my bike stolen this weekend. It was placed outside in my backyard along with 2 others. I have an 8’ cyclone fence with key locks all around. It was also cable locked to a large table. The person worked on the cable for some time finally cutting through. I was in Seattle with the band. My wife was home or at church Sun. morning. All three bikes were together as we were all going to go riding when I got back, mine was the only one taken. It was stolen last Sat. night 7/22 – Sun. morning 7/23. A Multnomah Co. Police report was made and I have somewhere in the house a number of photos of it. It was a custom built frame that I put together with the help of my friend. Value on it was $1,000 in rough numbers. I would have to price it out by parts on e-Bay as it is an older BMX/Mt. Bike style frame with more BMX style racing parts.

Here are the details:

26” Schwinn King Sting BMX Racing Frame (Black)

Chrome Forks

2 Mavic Wheels

2 Continental Smooth Road Tires

2 Black splash guards

Sturmey Archer Drum Brakes (Front brake only, Back w/ 3 speed gear shift)

Redline 185’s 3 piece cranks

Shimano BMX Pedals

TCO Seat Post w/ quick release

Haro gel pad seat

Redline upright handlebars w/ black grips

Redline 6 bolt stem.

Misc. other – hand brake assembly and gear shifts plus cable, water bottle and holder.

It is a large frame and very black with the exception of the chrome forks – we called it the black beauty. The sturmey Archer brake system makes it unique and recognizable. I will send you a pic when I find it. Thank you for your assistance.

Matthew R.

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