Stolen: Felt F85 – Recovered!

on the evening of Sunday, 16 July, between 5p and 10p on the
corner of NW Flanders and 6th Avenue (Old Town), someone cut through my
Kryptonite lock and stole my 2002 Felt F85 Road bike, top of the line
pump, clipless pedals, etc, etc. The F85 looks like the one below,
except mine had a straight bar handlebar set with bar ends turned down
in a way that emulates a road drop bar and the seat was an all black
LeMond. My beloved bike had a big bumpersticker on the right side of
its frame’s top tube that read MAKE TRADE FAIR in black block lettering
on a white background with OXFAM lime green highlights. Of course,
both the bumpersticker and the bar ends may have been removed (in an
effort to disguise the bike in an effort by the thief to avoid being

This bike was my primary transport, my exercise, my summer plans, my
ride in the MS 150 charity fundraising ride and my contribution to a
cleaner Earth. If you see it out there, PLEASE, let me know?

Xtian G.

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17 years ago

Was it a cable lock or a U-lock? Kryptonite makes both.

Just curious.

17 years ago

I don’t see the pic. :-/

Adams Carroll (News Intern)
17 years ago

great news…this bike has been recovered!

Watch local FOX-TV tonight for the full story.

And this is the second bike recovered already this week! woo hoo.

The full story coming soon…