Breakfast on the Bridges hits the East Coast!

Breakfast on the Bridges - October

Breakfast on the Bridges is the quintessential Shift to Bikes event. It is organized 100% by volunteers and funded with coffee and pastries that are donated by local businesses. It has no agenda other than to make people smile, thank them for riding their bike, and encourage a fun, festive, bikey atmosphere.

A few months ago a national magazine covered it, and now comes word that Transportation Alternatives – a transportation advocacy group in New York City – has started their own version.

They likely heard about B-on-B from our bi-coastal, video making friend Clarence Eckerson of BikeTV. His recent video of the event is enough to get anyone excited about the idea.

Breakfast on the Bridge usually happens on the last Friday of every month from 7-9AM on the Hawthorne and Broadway Bridges. In honor of Pedalpalooza (which starts next Thursday!) you can check it out every Friday in the month of June.

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16 years ago

Hey! It’s not the first time a Breakfast on the Bridges styled event has happened on the east coast! When I went back to New Haven in September of 2005, we did one there–though it was on the Orange Ave bike lane instead. And the folks in Vancouver, BC have been doing a few here and there over the past year as well!

16 years ago

It’s also not the first time TA has been interested. At BikeSummer 2001NYC I presented at a panel about Portland bike culture. Of all the aspects I mentioned, they got particularly excited about BonB. However, even in a city as seemingly fast paced as NYC, bike culture can be slow to catch on. We’ve got it pretty good here.

josh m
josh m
16 years ago

now we just need “swing shift on the bridges”

16 years ago

We do occasionally do Mocktails on the Eastbank Esplanade. There is one happening for PedalPalooza on Friday June 9th. It’ll be at East end of Hawthorne Bridge on S Sidewalk at 4:00pm.
And remember, BonB is a volunteer run thing. If the demand is there, and the people willing to volunteer for it, there can very well be stuff like Swing Shift on the Bridges.