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Here’s a few tidbits from Portland and beyond…

  • Cyclist Delivers Hot Meals in Hollywood – from the Loaves and Fishes website comes Northeast Portland resident Vlad Ionis who uses his bike to deliver Meals on Wheels.
    (Thanks to Timo for the link).

  • Freewheeling radio show from the CBC – The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has been doing some great stories on their Freewheeling radio show. I’m not sure if this is a temporary show or what, but it’s some of the best bike reporting you’ll find anywhere. Make sure to check out all their segments on bike theft.

[Dutch bikes rule.]
  • Dutch bike store on eBay – If you’ve got a soft spot for cool European city bikes (like I do), then do some window shopping at this Dutch Gazelle dealer’s eBay store. They ship to the U.S. If anyone feels like sponsoring an official city bike, this would be the place to get it ;-)!

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16 years ago

Wow, those are some sweet utility town bikes…I so want one with the full chain cover, fenders, front dyno/headlight, rack, rear wheel lock and carrier…I’d ALMOST sell my car to get that.

16 years ago

Thanks for the links, Jonathan. Map Muse is great – makes the dearth of bike shops in SW Portland (outside downtown) obvious. I emailed Bike Gallery awhile ago asking why no one wanted to open a bike shop in SW Portland (besides En Salle), but didn’t get a response. Are there more bicyclists in Beaverton (4 bike shops) or Lake Oswego (2 bike shops) than SW Portland?

I notice this because the closest bike shop to me (excluding En Salle) is five miles away.

Adams Carroll (News Intern)
16 years ago


You’re encouraged to submit any shops you see that were left out. MapMuse is by no means comprehensive. They rely on people with local knowledge like yourself to help populate the data.

16 years ago

Jonathan, the map is accurate – it just made the lack of bike shops in SW Portland obvious.

organic brian
organic brian
16 years ago

I saw Vlad yesterday (not Vladislav, but Vlad from the Loaves & Fishes article), he said he’d like to see more people doing pedal-powered delivery of Meals-On-Wheels. Sounds like another fun way to demonstrate how things can be done without motorized transportation.

Scott Mizée
15 years ago

Does anyone have an e-mail address for Vlad?