Stolen: Black Road Bike

[Posted by “starkstreet”]

I had a bicycle stolen yesterday from the bike lock between 4th and 5th on Morrison downtown. It has no markings or decals on it. It’s an aluminum frame, ergonic handle bars, FSA crank, Alex rims(stickers removed), Shimano Sora rear derailler(sticker removed). The velo seat has red on the sides but other than that the bike is all black and it’s shiny because I just bought it new this weekend. It is a Windsor Dover. 62 cm. My first commute with this bike resulted in a flat tire and I was forced to lock it up at the max station downtown. I was stupid. The front tire and frame were locked with a 3/8″ cable lock. I do not have the serial #. I’d be happy to pay $50 to anyone that can return it to me. I was not able to post picture, but if anyone would like to see it I can email. Thanks – John


ph#: 503-334-6764

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