Your input is needed at bus mall open house

There are several very important bike-related issues on the table at tomorrow’s public hearing and open house on the TriMet bus mall re-design project. This is a very important chance for cyclists to impact major design changes in the downtown transit mall and the head of TriMet will be there specifically to listen to what you have to say.

Minutes from last month’s Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting indicated there is definite “room for improvement” in the design of the transit mall as far as bicycling is concerned. In particular, Trimet’s current design has cyclists sharing one uphill travel lane the length of 5th Avenue between Jefferson Street and College Street. If you don’t relish the thought of traveling up relatively steep grades to PSU and beyond into Southwest Portland with a line of frustrated motorists behind you, then make sure you show up this open house and make your voice heard!

Other important bike issues with this project include the routing of cyclists at the north end of the bus mall near Union Station, and through access for cyclists across the Burnside Bridge.

Here are the details:

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16 years ago

I gave public testimony on the transit mall. My comment essentially that Trimet should return to the origional design of one straight rail line, and an adjacent dedicated bus mall. No auto access to clog things up. This would allow safe cycling, and reduce the cost to taxpayers. Ironically I went up right after ‘the crazy guy’ (the individual who is extremely pro-car and anti-transit). His comments got one person’s applause, mine recieved five. Be sureto give testimony, visit the website.

16 years ago

I went and saw the presentation tonight. I didn’t get a chance to talk to Roger Geller before he left, but I did have a long talk with Bob Hastings, Trimet’s Architect.

As far as I could glean from him, he indicated there will be a bike lane on 5th Ave, and sharrow markings on 6th. I asked about car door clearance for the bike lane, and was told it would be taken into account.

Feel free to correct me if I misunderstood him.