Free u-locks to bike theft victims

kryptonite u lock

[Free to an unlucky winner]

I’m happy to announce that Kryptonite has joined forces with to help spread bike security to those in need. Starting next week, we’ll be giving away two u-locks every month to bike theft victims*.

To be eligible, you must first report your stolen bike to the Portland Police by calling (503) 823-4636. Then, list your bike on I will pick the winners randomly, contact them by email, and a nice new Kryptonite Evolution Standard u-lock ($55 retail value) will magically appear in the mail a few days later.

You can still list your bike on without a police report, but you can’t win the u-lock without an official incident or case number from the cops. I hope this encourages more people to file official police reports.

In addition to giving away u-locks, I’m also going to launch a weekly Stolen Bike Digest for local shops. Stay tuned for that announcement.

*DISCLAIMER: This contest has no fine print and is subject to change at my whim at any time. Thank you.

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Tim Jackson- Masiguy
16 years ago

That’s smokin’ hot! What a wonderful program.

Donna Tocci
16 years ago

Hi everyone – we’re really happy to be partnering with with this program. We wish that nobody would ever get their bike stolen rendering this program useless, but statistics tell us otherwise. If your bike is stolen, we all hope you’ll be able to get another one so you can continue to ride. Bike Portland and Kryptonite want to help keep that bike safe (ok, Kryptonite really wants to keep everyone’s bike safe…)

Remember, you are the best defense against bike theft. Get a lock – whatever brand you are comfortable with – that is appropriate for the area you live and ride in. And, lock your bike properly each and every time. That is just about as important as what lock you use. Do not make it easy for thieves.

Proper lock up tips can be found at in the product section.

Thanks to Jonathan for the great partnership!


Max Rockbin
16 years ago

It sounds like a great idea. But wouldn’t it be better to give people locks BEFORE their bike is stolen?

Donna Tocci
16 years ago

Max, I struggled with this same thought a little bit, too. We tossed around a few ideas when Jonathan and I started talking about the best way to become involved. This was an idea he liked and it seems fitting.

16 years ago

I am currently waiting for the police report for my most recent stolen bike, it costs 10 bucks and takes about 21 days. but I’d love a free bike lock I had two nice bikes stolen in a matter of two weeks. I am currently lockless due to losing one in a crash in which I broke three ribs and turned my knees into hamburger. I was in so much pain that I didn’t notice that my lock had come undone from my rack and when I went back the next day it was gone.

16 years ago

So how do I let you know that I’m eligible? Where can I email the case number? Winning a new lock might take some of the sting out of the theft, and would motivate me to buy a bike.

Adams Carroll (News Intern)
16 years ago


I usually send out a form email to everone that lists a bike. It has all the contest details…but I’ve been swamped lately and haven’t done it.

If you send me a case number and a shipping address I’ll send you a new U-lock!