Regional, international media for Portland

Portland’s bike scene continues to transcend our city’s borders. Recent coverage in regional magazines like Cranked, The Bicycle Paper, and the international publication Carbusters include stories on Portland.

Cranked is a new bike culture magazine from Seattle that features several local bike personalities. Beth Hamon, Citybikes mechanic and founder of Slug Velo contributed an essay and Molly Cameron from Veloshop was featured in an interview. In Portland, you can pick up a copy of this new zine from Veloshop, Northwest Bicycles, Citybikes, or Reading Frenzy.

The Bicycle Paper covers the Pacific Northwest from Southern Oregon, to Idaho and north to British Columbia. The new “Oregon Trail Mix” column (written by yours truly) is all about Oregon’s cyclocross scene and I make several Portland references. The Bicycle Paper is available free on 70 newsstands and in many coffee shops and bike shops in and around Portland.

And finally, local bike activist Sara Stout has contributed an article to Carbusters (#26) titled, “Teaching Kids to Ride in Portland.” The article covers the importance of teaching bike safety to kids and chronicles Sara’s work as a bike safety educator for the BTA.

When combined with our bike friendly infrastructure and city policies, this increasing media attention helps solidify Portland’s place as the #1 bike city in America.

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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17 years ago

Actually, the NEW issue of Cranked is out and it features Filmed By Bike. It may not have hit all the Portland retail locations yet, but it will soon. I got copies delivered to me by mail the other day and it’s a great issue.

For a list of where Cranked is distributed locally, check out their website.

josh m
josh m
17 years ago

When I was up in Seattle in January for a friends’ b-day alleykat, i met one of the guys that does Cranked Mag and got to view the first issue. it’s very beautiful. Full color, thick pages. very nice, lots of good bike porn. I plan to pick up the first issue and hopefully the 2nd this friday when I stop by Veloshop