Report: Eastside Theater History Ride

From Shawn’s Urban Adventure League Blog
Wed 22 June 2005

While the weather wasn’t perfect for this Urban Adventure League ride (there was the imminent threat of rain for most of the ride’s duration, and it actually DID rain for a moment), it didn’t deter seventeen people from showing up at the starting point of Ladd’s Circle at 6:30pm for this unique tour. Introductions were given, the zine for the ride handed out, and the bicycle ride headed south-eastward on Ladd Av towards the first destination, the Clinton Street Theater. I gave a brief history of the theater, and the crowd gawked at the new addition to the cinema–Portland’s smallest brewpub (as of this week!)…

Click here to watch Clarence Eckerson’s movie of the ride!
Click here to continue reading the full report!

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