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Fix public transit, call and visit your lawmaker

Posted on January 20th, 2017 at 7:36 am.

Oregon map by population size of each county


Please take this transportation survey from the state of Oregon, house speaker

Second, get to know your lawmaker. Show up at PCC Cascade 10am Jan 28th ( Same link above)

Do you live near 9 lawmakers who set the fate of public transit?
ANSWER: Not if you live in Portland! Nobody near you sits on this key committee.

Please call your lawmaker (maps below ) and post your own reflections on ODOT failures
503-986-1870 Ask the clerk to transfer you.

Here are my reflections:

A) Our lawmakers assigned to the job are new and don’t use public transit
B) The managers of the Dept of Transportation are too focused on promoting people who drive alone. They also lie frequently.
C) ODOT is causing more deaths. ODOT does not act on #visionZero to reduce deaths to zero. 2016 saw nearly 500 dead on our roads, that’s an increase from previous years. It’s close to the 2003 record high of 520.

The house committee on transportation has 9 members. None live in Portland. None live in Multnomah county. Only one lives near 24 hour transit. Only 3 could get to Salem by walking to transit. 6 of 9 must use a personal vehicle to get from their remote homes to Salem.

Interactive Map.
Browse the homes of 9 lawmakers on the Transporation Committee

As a bonus, I’ve compiled a timeline of ODOT and lawmaker lies


2017 Portland Tribune
“the request for an independent staffer indicates “a complete disintegration of trust” between ODOT and the commission tasked with overseeing it:

“an independent review of ODOT’s management to ensure the agency is prepared to efficiently manage the influx of money. The nearly $1 million review by New York-based McKinsey & Co. is scheduled for completion by the end of February. ”

ODOT Lied: “claimed that tens of millions of dollars in freeway investments would be part of reducing long-run carbon emissions in Oregon by more than 2 million metric tons.” Matt Garrett ODOT “Chief Under Fire for Claiming Highways Cut Emissions”
“ODOT faces ‘incompetence or dishonesty at the highest levels,’ former Metro president says”

ODOT faces ‘incompetence or dishonesty at the highest levels,’ former Metro president says

Bragdon: “It(CRC) did not add up..They continually stonewalled and through either incompetence or dishonesty at the highest levels of ODOT just refused to acknowledge” https://youtu.be/Pk1rW5S-S5A?t=1h5m29s

On the ODOT failure of a 2015 Transporation Bill – It “was old school, no performance measures” — “Big road widening at the edge of town” — “key projects for key legislators if they vote the right way”


2014 The speaker of the Oregon house did not answer questions about the CRC. Activists were stonewalled. When you toss out lies, you have never answered a question. For years activists presented alternatives that were scaled down and phased in slowly.

The CRC freeway cost $200 million to plan a failed $10 billion project .
Oregon paid $200 million for consultants to construct the lies used to design the CRC. Most of these contractors were friends donors to lawmakers.
“The project will shut down completely by May 31, 2014.”

Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist exposes many lies in the CRC freeway

– ODOT deleted reports that the CRC will last 60 years:
2013 Website: “These CRC bridges need to be replaced,”
2005 Website:: “With ongoing preservation, the bridges can serve the public for another 60 years.”
Here’s the 2005 Website that was deleted by ODOT but saved by the Tides Foundation Project Archive.org

– The project cost of $3.5 billion is a myth, The real cost is $10 billion. The cost of construction was $3 to 5 billion , but you need to add $5-6 billion for bond interest and operational costs. video

Stonewalling on the CRC noted by a lawmaker Lew Frederick
“more of the questions asked, should have been answered”

Activists came up with an alternative to the CRC
for videos about the Common Sense Alternative see

Map to find your lawmaker

Winter Weather Boost for Local Biz!

Posted on January 20th, 2017 at 7:29 am.

Black Wagon and friends have organized a number of small businesses (Kenton Cycle Repair!) across industries, to offer:

10% discounts on gift certificate purchases made thru January 31st, 2017

This 2016-17 Winter Weather has had a significantly negative impact on our small business community.

It is our hope that the greater Portland Community, who has always been a great lover and supporter of their small business community, enjoys the opportunity to save a little at some of their favorite businesses, while lending a huge support to Portland’s businesses and economy!

Participating businesses and more information here! http://blackwagon.com/wordpress/?p=3457

Mudslide on Springwater

Posted on January 18th, 2017 at 11:42 am.

A mudslide is blocking the Springwater Corridor just south of the Ross Island Bridge, Wednesday morning. Of course, no one had plowed the corridor.

From Bronze to Silver to Gold? A dispatch from Beaverton

Posted on January 16th, 2017 at 1:37 pm.

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After a decade of living and biking in Portland, I moved to Beaverton in 2013. As I get to know my new city, I’m more and more glad to be here.

Just in the last couple of years, Beaverton:

– Adopted a “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan” (2015)
– Was recognized as the safest city in Oregon, followed by Hillsboro (2015)
– Joined the National Welcoming Cities and Counties Initiative, becoming the first city in Oregon to nationally declare itself a Welcoming City (2015)
– Tied with Cupertino, CA for a first-place City Cultural Diversity Award by The National League of Cities (2015)
– Unanimously passed a “Resolution to Declare Support for the Muslim Community & Reaffirm Beaverton as a Welcoming City” (2016)
– and in the first days of 2017, Beaverton became a Sanctuary City and opened its first severe weather shelter

Yes, we’ve got solid leadership in Beaverton! But what about the biking?


Proceed through red light law

Posted on January 10th, 2017 at 1:05 pm.

I haven’t heard much about the new law that allows bicyclists and motorcyclists to go through a red light after waiting. It did take effect last year, right? Has anyone been taking advantage, and have any positive or negative responses from it?

Most importantly: do we know yet how to wait for the light to “complete one full cycle,” if by definition you aren’t triggering the light to make it cycle?

Here’s the new law

Collecting Warm Clothes at Rivelo

Posted on January 7th, 2017 at 8:52 am.

The local homeless shelter on Grand Avenue says they need clean socks, underwear, and warm jackets. Any warm clothes, really.

If you have something to donate, feel free to drop it by Rivelo. (401 SE Caruthers St at Water Ave, on the east side of the Tilikum) and we’ll bundle up the donations and take them to the shelter.

Power Cycling Class in NW Portland

Posted on January 2nd, 2017 at 10:30 am.

Fellow cyclists… It is time to get serious about switching gears and getting into race training mode. it is time to add some intensity to your winter pre-season rides. CycleOne Racing Academy is conducting indoor power cycling classes at Bethany Bike Repair in Bethany Village. We are offering free trial rides on Monday, January 2nd and Tuesday, January 3rd.


These are neither spin classes nor group sessions on rollers while watching cycling videos. This is the real deal! This is the best way to improve your power and recharge your system for the 2017 road season. Experts agree that you should have 2 high intensity workouts weekly. Although you may be spending long hours in the saddle this winter, that does not get the job done. You must train smarter!

This is a progressive power development program using computer technology to measure and record your cycling power output. So you also get the benefit of FTP testing. These are training sessions using CompuTrainer Multi-Rider technology for structured power workouts in a group setting. It is real power cycling on your own bike with video enhancement and motivating music. Not only will you gain an understanding of your power capacity, you will train to improve your power to weight ratio. You will improve your ability to time trial as well as climb.

Here is a link to a video from one of the coaches at Carmichael Training Systems. Check it out…

The program will run for 10 weeks, and the first session begins on January 10th. Classes are limited to 4 riders so you will get plenty of personal attention, with a focus on correct biomechanics and power targeted training. Each session lasts for 60 minutes. Classes are available on Tuesday and Thursday evening 6:15-7:15PM & 7:30-8:30 PM. 10-week programs start at $200 for one session/week. For more information or to schedule a free trial, contact Mike Manning at 503-330-5531 or Martin Acosta at 503-840-5348 or info@bethanybikerepair.com

Kenton Cycles: NYE Blow Out Sale!

Posted on December 29th, 2016 at 9:51 am.

Kenton Cycles, December 31st, 11am-4pm

Sale up to 50% on:

2016 Raleigh bicycles, models:
– Grand Sport
– Revere
– Redux 2
– Cadent 1 & 2
– Alyssa 1& 2
and more!

Fenders, racks, lights, bags
wheels, handlebars, saddles, tires
helmets, and more!

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Bollards at SE 14th and Bybee

Posted on December 20th, 2016 at 10:45 pm.

Due to the efforts of the Transportation Committee of the Sellwood Moreland Improvement League (aka the Sellwood neighborhood board), there are now Bike/Ped crossing advisory signs on SE 13th (headed northbound before it curves to the East and turns into Bybee) as well as new bollards placed in between the car lane and the bike lane on SE 14th north of Bybee. SE 14th at this location is a one way street (southbound), but for a low volume street has seen a lot of wrong-way drivers turning onto it and using the bike lane. This street is very high volume for pedestrians and cyclists, as it is the feeder street to Llewellyn Elementary School further North.

The Transportation Committee had been advocating for a crosswalk/signal at this intersection, but PBOT does not have the funds and motivation for a project there at this time (aside: the committee is looking into fundraising options to fund the project ourselves). That said I am personally really quite pleased that the two improvements were made within only a few months of the request and subsequent PBOT analysis.

Sorry no picture — I noticed the improvements on my morning run and it was dark and I didn’t have a picture taking device on me.

The Last Day of The Worst Year Party

Posted on December 20th, 2016 at 7:52 am.

Time for commemoration, consternation, and commiseration.

Fire ritual. Snacks.

*We’ll have something for kids & “X” peeps, too.