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Bridge Pedalers take over the city

Posted by on August 14th, 2005 at 10:10 pm

Bridge Pedal, 2005. Portland OR
Bridge Pedal, 2005. Portland OR
Bridge Pedal, 2005. Portland OR

With no sign of the new Maus baby yet, I decided to wake up early Sunday and do my first ever Bridge Pedal! I joined nearly 20,000 other people for a bridge biking bonanza the likes of which have never been seen.

There were bikes and people everywhere. Bands on the bridges made for a party-like atmosphere and everyone was out for a good time…it was a cycling smorgasbord, a bike buffet…pedaling pandemonium! From Sellwood to St. Johns, not a bridge was left uncrossed.

I showed up to the ride by myself, but I managed to meet quite a few interesting folks (and bikes) along the way. Including:

  • An old guy riding a vintage Pogliaghi road bike who raced on it back in the ’60s.
  • A fellow Portland blogger who I had previously only known online.
  • A woman who received a very cool Merlin Newsboy bike that morning as an anniversary present.
  • The guy who founded the Alpine Challenge Century.
  • Tons of really cool kids.
  • Joseph Ahearne, framebuilder extraordinaire, who was wrenching on the Marquam Bridge.
  • Jay Graves, owner of Bike Gallery, who gave my old bike a much needed tune-up (thanks Jay!).
  • A woman from Holland who was riding one of those awesome “Gazelle” 3-speed city bikes.
  • Commissioner Sam Adams who was handing out “Go Platinum, Portland” reflectors on the Fremont Bridge.
  • Peter, a fledgling Veloshop racer sporting his pink lycra.
  • Aaron Tarfman, bike activist and founder of the Body Power website.
  • …and many more of my bike-loving brethren.

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