What do you think? Encouraging high-vis gear

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People on Bikes - Copenhagen Edition-48-48

Can’t miss this guy.
(Photo by J. Maus/BikePortland)

Publisher’s note: “What do you think?” is a new series we’re trying out where we gauge your opinion and ask for feedback on a specific topic. Think of it as our version of those ridiculous and annoying reader polls you see on other sites so often. — Jonathan

It seems innocent enough: When days get shorter and people are commuting in the dark, transportation agencies will often encourage people to wear bright-colored and reflective clothing, use lights, and so on. That might sound like important, common sense information to some of you; but to others it’s a cringe-worthy offense. To them it’s a form of victim blaming that actually results in ever more dangerous streets.

This week, both TriMet and the Portland Bureau of Transportation promoted high-visibility cycling.

TriMet did it as part of their annual “Be Seen. Be Safe.” campaign. I got an email yesterday asking me to enter a contest to win a “bike visibility kit”. The $135 kit includes a flourescent yellow helmet cover, a reflective safety patch, hi-vis gloves, and a rear light. “Make yourself visible to drivers and cyclists around you!” the promotion urged.[Read more…]

Man that’s bright! Photos from ‘Be Safe, Been Seen’ event

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Mark Allyn (the “Master of Light”) and Jim Parsons (last year’s “Best-Lit Bike” award winner) show off their well-lit creations.

Last week, TriMet held their annual Be Seen, Be Safe event in Pioneer Square. The idea is to raise awareness about staying visible while walking and biking, introduce folks to hi-vis products, and inspire us to light up our bikes and our bodies.[Read more…]

Momentum’s new safety vid: “Let’s Get Visible”

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Momentum publisher/editor Amy Walker as
Olivia Newton-John in “Let’s Get Visible”.
– Watch video below –

The folks at Vancouver, BC-based Momentum Magazine have combined their passion for safe biking with their fun and fashionable style to create a new PSA for their local Bike to Work Week.

The result is “Let’s Get Visible”, a bike safety video that spoofs the legendary Olivia Newton-John song from 1981. [Read more…]