BMX riders rally to save jump trails near The Grotto

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Local rider Ben Kaufmann riding
on trails near The Grotto.
(Photo: Andrew Callaci)

Local BMX riders are hoping to stop what they say are plans to bulldoze a popular network of trails and jumps located in a forested area near The Grotto in outer Northeast Portland.

Shad Johnson, owner of Goods BMX shop, told us that Portland Police approached people at the site yesterday to announce that due to a complaint by a nearby homeowner, the trails and jumps will be “plowed within two weeks.”

“This is really big deal,” says Johnson, “these trails have been a staple to Portland BMXers for 16 years. In the past few years with BMX growing stronger in Portland there has been a lot of work been put into them.”

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