The t-shirt designs of bicycling Renaissance man Russ Roca

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Russ Roca
(Photo: Laura Crawford)

Bike tourer, photographer, foodie, train lover, journalist, artist, and advocate Russ Roca has recently launched a line of t-shirts. Like his varied interests, the shirts have many themes. They also have a mission — to help fund he and his partner Laura Crawford’s upcoming bike adventure and their ongoing Path Less Pedaled project

I first came to know Russ through his bike activism in my home town of Long Beach, California. Since those days, Russ and Laura have logged thousands of miles by bike and train criss-crossing America in search of interesting people, places and projects that they’ve then shared with their growing legion of fans through their website and Facebook page.

They’re now plotting a trip to New Zealand and Russ hopes the sales of his t-shirts help get them there.

We recently asked Russ a few questions about his shirt designs, the Big Trip, and more…

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Join us for an evening with bike tourer, photographer, blogger, and advocate Russ Roca

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Russ Roca and his custom Bilenky.
An Evening with Russ Roca
Monday, 8/3 at 6:00pm
Roots Brewing (1520 SE 7th Ave)

Eight years ago, budding photographer Russ Roca’s pickup truck died. A curious and eco-conscious guy, he wondered if he could get by living in Los Angeles without a car. Turns out he could. It changed his life, and it also saved him enough money to buy more camera equipment. His career — and a new perspective on life — began.

Roca, a bicycle-based professional photographer, part-time bike advocate, epicurean cyclist, and talented multimedia journalist is coming to Portland. Roca and his partner, jeweler and metalwork artist Laura Crawford, will begin a global bike tour after a train ride up to the Rose City. The pair have sold most of their possessions, moved out of their apartment in Long Beach, California and have started The Path Less Pedaled project, which they say has, “the goal of connecting with and collecting the stories of people who followed a calling to live their lives in unique ways.”

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