Veer documentary gets harsh review from PSU paper

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

“I didn’t realize I had such hatred for these people… All I know is I have a weird desire to make quick right hand turns in my Honda without checking the side-view mirror. Just kidding.”
— Stover E Harger III, staff writer for the PSU Daily Vanguard

Portland State University’s Daily Vanguard newspaper has published a very negative review of the new film, Veer: A documentary film about bicycling culture.

Vanguard staff writer Stover E. Harger III gave the film 1 star out of 5 and wrote that, “it’s really awful”. Harger also wrote that filmmaker Greg Fredette has created “a self-indulgent piece of fluff that plants its feet way too close to its subjects to be anything but clichéd and boring.”

Reading his review, it’s obvious that Mr. Harger III is no fan of some aspects of Portland’s bike culture, or the people who are a part of it. Here’s a snip from his review (emphasis mine):

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