Tickets dismissed in Ainsworth case

“…approaches are sometimes different, and misunderstandings likely because we are all human — regardless of whether we wear a stretchy bicycle jersey or an itchy police uniform.”— From a public statement issued by the City Attorney’s office as part of a settlement reached in the Ainsworth Incident Traffic citations given to two men who were … Read more

Guest Article: Why Portland needs a safe passing distance ordinance

Christopher Heaps The article below was written by Christopher Heaps. Heaps is a Sellwood resident who rides his bike daily to his job as a lawyer with Stoel Rives in downtown Portland. You might remember Heaps as the lawyer who garnered a headline or two for successfully carrying out the “citizen-initiated citation” process. We wrote … Read more

Buffered Bike Lane with a bike symbol and arrow pointing forward

Lawyer in Ainsworth Incident pressures leaders to seek dismissal of citations

“This will adequately address the inequity of this situation and show the community that bicyclists will not be punished for riding legally on the streets of Portland.” — Lawyer Christopher Heaps The lawyer for two men who were ticketed for riding their bikes on NE Ainsworth last month is imploring city leaders and the police … Read more