What are you doing this week?

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Get out your calendar because bike season is in full spin. Check out these hand-picked rides and events that will keep you pedaling every day of the week.


The mythical Noon Time Ride from downtown Portland is a regular ride that brings together the city’s sharpest minds and strongest legs.  Be ready for a short, fast ride with lots of climbing and mid-day stress relief.  Meet at the SW corner of Pioneer Courthouse Square around noon.  Call Ray Thomas at (503) 228-5222 for more info.

Portland’s newest bike industry company is a leader in green manufacturing practices.  Come see Chris King’s VP Matt O’Rourke for a talk on the theory and practice of building quality bike parts locally and sustainably.  Smith Hall, Room 238, PSU Campus 5:15PM, free.  More info at (503) 972-4040.

Make up your own ride…be creative!


The Community Cycling Center is having a sidewalk sale.  6-9PM, 1700 NE Alberta…and you can keep walking ‘cuz it’s Last Thursday ArtWalk on Alberta too.

"Breakfast on the Bridges" on the Broadway and Hawthorne Bridges, 7-9AM…ride to work, stop when you see nice people, chat, drink hot coffee, eat pastries, continue riding to work (with warm, fuzzy, I’m-so-glad-I-ride-to-work feeling).


The Organ Donor Invitational, put on by our very own non-denominational bike cult, C.H.U.N.K. 666.  If you’ve ever wondered about tallbike jousting (and I know you have) come out to Colonel Summers Park at 3PM and see what all the fuss is about.  (SE Belmont and 20th)

The Roadrunners…a biking and birding ride on the Springwater Trail with birding experts from the Portland Audubon Society.  A mininum $35 pledge is required.  Contact Marjorie Morales at The Bike Gallery for more info – (503) 281-9800.

whew…what a week!

Not Bike Fun

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If you’re wondering where this sign is so you can avoid the fate of that poor silhouette man…it’s across from Rocco’s Pizza downtown looking toward Powell’s. Be careful out there and watch out for large, tire-eating square holes in the ground!

Ride to Earth Day

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Hey all you earth-loving bikers…we’re riding down to the big Earth Day festivities at Sunnyside School tomorrow and you’re invited to join us.

Meet at 6617 N. Michigan Ave., 9:00AM (just North of Portland Blvd east of I-5) and we’ll ride for about :45 minutes to Sunnyside Elementary on SE 34th & Taylor.

We’ll take a great, low-traffic route that shouldn’t be more than 45 min. or so. Bring the kids along! Here’s what you’ll miss if you don’t go.

Who ya gonna call?

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Know of a bike lane that needs sweeping?  Or a place without bike racks?  How about a gaping pothole that needs filling?  For any general concerns that would improve biking on our city streets, put all the numbers below in your cell phone’s speed dial.

Portland Bikeline – (503) 823-CYCL
-Press 1 for bike lane/path maintenance
-Press 2 for bike maps & cycling info
-Press 3 for bike rack installation requests

Street Maintenance & Concerns
Pavement repair/potholes – (503) 823-BUMP
Neighborhood traffic safety – (503) 823-SAFE
Parking Enforcement – (503) 823-5195
24-hr maintenance emergencies – (503) 823-1700

Bike Locker Rentals
Transit Centers – (503) 226-0676
Downtown – (503) 823-6841

Bikes on MAX/Buses – (503) 962-7644

For more info visit the Portland Office of Transportation.

Free ice cream!

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Right now, until 8:00PM tonight the Ben & Jerry’s on SE Hawthorne and 36th is giving away free ice cream!…but only if you ride your bike…OK, just kidding. Anyone that shows up will get the free cone…but just think, if you ride your bike you won’t have to look for parking and you’ll burn all the calories from the ice cream on the way home…what a deal!

I was just there and they’ve got live music to keep you entertained while in line…and did I mention, it’s absolutely fabulously beautiful outside today! Have a great ride and be careful if you ride on Hawthorne!

Be a part of Pedalpalooza 2005

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Pedalpalooza isn’t happening ’til June…but the organizers are already going full pedal getting everything ready. A great thing about Pedalpalooza is that anyone can be a part of it by hosting their very own bike fun event….but the deadline for getting on the oh-so-important printed calendar (watch for it around town!) is just a few days away. So…if you have an idea for a bike event – perhaps a family neighborhood ride that ends in a picnic? – simply send an email to bikefun2005@riseup.net and a friendly volunteer will help you out.