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Giving women a leg up: Event brings together business owners and supporters

Friday, May 7th, 2010

– Stories and photos by Jennifer Clunie

Susan Otcenas (in black), President of Team Estrogen,
demonstrates cycling attire intended
support women of all shapes and sizes.

In a field still often dominated by male interests and pursuits, women are coming together to stake their claim in Portland’s $90 million a year bicycle industry. Last night, approximately 150 people gathered at United Bicycle Institute for Bike Economics a forum showcasing women-owned, bicycle-related businesses based right here in Portland.

Serving as both an educational sampling of local commerce and a valuable networking opportunity, co-organizers Elly Blue and Ellee Thalheimer planned the event as a fundraiser for the newly created Women in Active Transportation Scholarship Fund. Proceeds from the event will be used as seed money to grant scholarships encouraging women to toe-up to the starting line and take their (rightful) place at the head of the peloton in the active transportation movement.[Read more…]

Shop Focus: Recumbents for everyone at Coventry Cycle Works

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
Coventry Cycle Works-1

Coventry Cycle Works is a Portland gem.
(Photos © J. Maus)

With over 25 years of service, Coventry Cycle Works at 2025 SE Hawthorne is one of Portland’s oldest bike shops. Last year, Marilyn Hayward took the reins from a retiring Sherman Coventry and has brought a renewed energy to the business. I dropped by a few days ago to meet Marilyn and learn more about this little gem of a bike shop.
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Filmed By Bike through the eyes of a recent transplant

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

The following article is by Jennifer Clunie. Formerly the executive director of the New York Bicycle Coalition, Clunie has been a Portland resident for less than two weeks. She came for no other reason than to immerse herself in a city where bicycles are part of the culture. In the article below, she shares her impressions from opening night at Filmed by Bike.

A DJ kept the crowd moving at
the Filmed by Bike street party
Friday night.
(Photo: BikeRanger/Flickr)

A recent transplant from New York State, I finally witnessed first-hand the remarkable experience of rush-hour bike traffic Friday night. Cyclists poured out of their offices, shops, restaurants, and public buildings and flooded the streets from every direction, whirling and clicking in syncopated rhythm. This phenomenon was part of no group ride, designated charity event or heavily promoted race with cash, points or pride on the line, but rather individuals choosing to transport themselves to their destinations via two wheels, rather than four.

And on this particular Friday night, all roads for cyclists seemed to lead to the Clinton Street Theater for the opening premier of the 8th Annual Filmed by Bike film festival happening this weekend (April 16th-18th). [Read more…]