Job: FT + PT Mechanic + Customer service – Everybody’s Bike Rentals

Job Title

FT + PT Mechanic + Customer service

Company / Organization

Everybody’s Bike Rentals

Job Description

EBR is approaching it’s tenth year in business and we’re the only shop in Portland renting high end mountain and gravel bikes. We have several other categories to fit most needs with nearly 100 bikes in the fleet excluding tandems and trikes. The majority of our customers leave happy and stay in touch with us sending photos and stories of their adventures and we strive to keep it that way while not compromising our own happiness and wellbeing. This balance is essential to EBR.
The shop is under new ownership and getting a makeover but the overflow of business has been prioritized over renovations and repairs. I need more hands on deck so I can stay focussed to recreate the website and shop space and maintain the integrity of the bikes.
Our 2021 mission is to reconnect people to their natural sense of wonder and adventure! We are committed to maintaining a healthy and vitalized workplace by frequently evaluating our systems in search of opportunities for growth and innovation.
Our team will thrive by having a strong work ethic, positive attitude, and problem solving skills. An ideal candidate will have mechanical aptitude ( shop experience is prioritized but not required ). Must have or actively strive for excellent communication skills. Honesty and authenticity a must.
A typical workday involves responding to rental requests online, on the phone and in person, preparing specific needs for each reservation and maintaining the fleet. At times it will be a very busy environment and being able to navigate between customers, phone calls and quick repairs can be challenging. If you have a strong inner compass, know your boundaries while feel genuinely aligned with the mission of EBR then we want you on board.
While this is a seasonal business, we are currently developing positions to maintain staff in the winter.
Full time customer service position and bike mechanic position. Part time hours can be accommodated. Positions are available now.
Weekend days a must with few exceptions. Pay is competitive. Benefits pending. Let’s ride!

How to Apply

Email resume with cover letter and references to Ryan Smith Visit 305 NE Wygant st. Call 503-358-0152