A one-woman show about bikes, played on bikes, is coming to Portland

A performance piece that “extols the liberating power of the bicycle for women over the last 150 years” and “a theatrical song cycle about the bicycle as muse, musical instrument, and agent of social change,” will make its Portland debut on November 10th.

Portland theater company Boom Arts is hosting Canadian artist Evalyn Parry who will perform her solo work, “Spin”. In addition to her three shows there are bike rides and other events planned throughout the weekend. Local organizations, businesses and personalities including Gladys Bikes, The Sprockettes, Microcosm Publishing’s Elly Blue and PBOT Sunday Parkways manager Linda Ginenthal will be involved.

Here’s more about the show:

One part documentary and another part musical activism, Spin is inspired in part by the incredible true tale of Annie Londonderry, the first woman to ride around the world on a bicycle in 1895. parry spins a fascinating web of stories that travel from 19th-century women’s emancipation to 21st-century consumer culture, peeling back layers of history to reveal a surprising and contemporary heart to her theme of liberation.

A vintage bicycle, hooked up to simple electronics and suspended in a mechanic’s stand, is played – from fenders to spokes to vinyl seat, from whirling pedals to bells – by percussionist Brad Hart, providing a captivating sonic accompaniment to parry’s songs and monologues. Staged by award-winning director Ruth Madoc-Jones, with stunning visual projections by acclaimed designer Beth Kates, this unique show has delighted audiences across the continent.


And here’s the full line-up:

Friday, November 10:
– Bike to the show with The Street Trust!
– Pre-show performance by The Sprockettes, Portland’s premiere mini-bike dance team!
– Post-show discussion with Linda Ginenthal, Sunday Parkways Program Manager, Portland Bureau of Transportation

Saturday, November 11:
– Bike to the show with feminist bike shop Gladys Bikes!
– Pre-show reading from Biketopia by Elly Blue
– Post-show discussion with Janice Dilg, History Built

Sunday, November 12:
– Family matinee performance followed by interactive kids’ activity
– Special under-18 ticket price: $8
– Best enjoyed by 8 and up, but everyone is welcome

Tickets are available online and are $20 general admission and $8 for kids under 18.

— Jonathan Maus: (503) 706-8804, @jonathan_maus on Twitter and jonathan@bikeportland.org

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Ash Mitchell
5 years ago

This is so cool! Very excited to see this production!

5 years ago

I used your link and got charged $20 for the ticket plus an additional $2 for a convenience fee. Was there a special discount code needed for bikeportland members?

5 years ago

Just saw this, great show, go see it!