Need help with temporary bike parking for an event

I work at the zoo and we are planning to highlight bicycle transportation on a day in May. I have been asked to research options for temporary (event) bike parking. Can you suggest options for large capacity racks that can be moved in for the day?

Thank you,
Philip Fensterer

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Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Hi Philip… thanks for the question! Look no further than They are local and they are great. If that doesn’t work out for you I’d recommend contacting a local event promoter like Axiom Event Productions or Good Sport Promotions. Both of those companies know how to set up temporary bike parking and might be able to help. You can also try the City of Portland Bureau of Transportation Active Transportation Division at 503-823-5490. They might be able to help as well. Good luck.

Also, Please let me know more about the bike transportation day in May! I’d love to help promote it through our social media channels and inclusion in our event calendar.

Kyle Banerjee
7 years ago

Depends on what your security and storage density needs are

If you just need a place to put bikes and you want them to use as little space as possible, you can just pipes like they do for the Bike Valet near the tram.

7 years ago

Hey Philip,
I work at go by bike underneath the tram at OHSU. We do offer temporary bike parking and valet services for events around the Portland area. Feel free to visit our event parking tab on our website listed above for rates. For more info feel free to email us directly.