Weekly Video Roundup: fixie touring, ode to TCR, unwritten rules of MTB, and more


Welcome to the weekly video roundup! I managed to almost get caught up on my video queue, which makes me pleased. I’m starting the week with a video below that shows Danny MacAskill‘s great trials riding. My favorite scenes were the hay bale and the puddle. Make sure to keep the video rolling for the bloopers and “making of” bits.


This Hardbrakers video was nearly my top vid- the crew tours from Portugal to Morocco on fixies over a distance of about 1200 miles. The voices are in German but there are occasional title cards in English.

GMBN posted this great downhill singletrack video from Finale Ligure, Italy (also: POV cam of this run):

This is some fairly exotic terrain- fatbiking in the dunes of Nevada: (also: fatbiking in the snowy mountains of Utah)

This video from Fairdale Bicycles shows street art (“graffiti”) in Los Angeles. The first minute shows some great pieces of art. Best quote: “the better influences in my life were bicycles and graffiti.”


Road.cc did a good video showing the five prettiest (current) Italian road bikes.

And this video is also beautiful- it shows the build process of a titanium frame at Litespeed:

For all the bromptonerds, the 2017 Brompton has many minor changes. PLP went to Clever Cycles and showed what’s different. I like the new shifters. (Also: Swift Sugarloaf basket bag review, riding Mt. Tabor, fishing in Prineville, PLP Florida travel vlog: getting there, running, quick tourism.

My carbon Giant TCR is 11 years old. It’s great to see some history and see how it has changed.

Do you like to ‘gravel grind’ or do other nonpaved riding on a road-style bike? This is a nice overview with very little tire discussion (despite the title). I am attracted by that 46-30 chainring.

All us urban wonks will like this overview- the difference between a road, way, street, avenue, boulevards, lanes, drives, and so on:

These women rode the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. Here’s the Wyoming Great Basin leg of their adventure:

Routing cables internally through a bike frame can be … difficult. GCN covered the process nicely:

Review of the Ventum One, an exotic-looking time trial bike.

Much like The Rules from Velominati, here’s GCN’s “crimes against cycling”.

Recent winning bikes (Olympics, TDF, Worlds), graphene bike, 12.5lb bike, plenty of other goodies:

GCN did the unwritten rules of road cycling, but now there’s GMBN’s mountain bike version- covering things like spandex vs baggy gear, full face helmets, and more:

Road.cc talked about the “top 5 road bike trends of 2017”. No surprise that disc brakes are on that list- and props for calling the pro racers “chicken little”.

Brumotti moments: riding over an interstate bridge in Santa Monica, dancing to the Macarena and jumping on stairs.


There’s a pile of great videos from local cross racing- here we go:

Halloween weekend cyclecross in Bend, footage from RCB. I love the costumes.

The Barton Park Cross Crusade races:

Cross Crusade at PIR:

Elsewhere: ‘cross crash.

Honorable Mentions

This week’s honorable mentions: 30 minutes of ‘old Portland’ (post-1973?), weird looking Zipp wheels coming to a race-style bike near you, Trek’s amazingly lightweight production road bike, 10 years of Streetfilms/Streetsblog, best product feature video ever, Roos talks about her Brompton, and Andy talks about his Brompton.

Inclusion criteria: If I’ve missed something, post it in the comments! I prefer videos published in the last week or so. Note if there’s a specific point in a long video that is worth highlighting. Also note if there is colorful language. I will delay videos containing pro racing spoilers by 7 days.

– Ted Timmons, @tedder42

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7 years ago

Preach those super compact cranks! With an 11s cassette, the big ring alone has just about the same range as most doubles.

Somebody needs to offer them in an economical square taper. I’m tired of throwaway bearings on my commuter.