Northeast community embraces bike safety fiesta hosted by Portland Police

Assistant Chief Chris Uehara was one of several officers who attended the annual bike safety fiesta.(Photos: Portland Police Bureau)
Assistant Chief Chris Uehara was one of several officers who attended the annual bike safety fiesta.
(Photos: Portland Police Bureau)

The power of bicycles to bring people together and break down barriers is truly awe-inspiring. We’ve seen this take many forms over the years and now we can add a recent event hosted by the Portland Police Bureau to the list.

Earlier this month at North Precinct (449 NE Emerson Street) the PPB’s Youth Services Division teamed up with the Fire Bureau, and the Blazer’s Boys and Girls Club to host a bike safety fiesta in northeast Portland. Despite sweltering temperatures that reached nearly 100 degrees, an estimated 350 people showed up and the event was a smashing success.

A statement from the PPB says that the crowd included everything from infants to grandparents and great-grandparents — and a true cross-section of the neighborhood.


At the event people were given free school supplies, backpacks, lunch, and free bike helmets (all thanks to donations from community partners). Beyond the lessons learned about biking, Sergeant Tim Sessions of the Youth Services Division pointed out that, “Friends were made with lasting impressions.”

Here are a few photos from the event (provided by the PPB):







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Anne Hawley
Anne Hawley
6 years ago

Whenever I see little tiny kids on little tiny bikes, my heart expands a little.

6 years ago
Reply to  Anne Hawley

Gotta get them hooked early, right? 🙂

Eric Leifsdad
Eric Leifsdad
6 years ago
Reply to  Adam

Took my 3yo quaxing on her tricycle with the push-handle, brought home 3 bags of groceries. She loves it.

Old Man
Old Man
6 years ago

There goes Chris Uehara infiltrating subversive groups once again.

Lester Burnham
Lester Burnham
6 years ago

Good grief at least show these kids how to properly wear helmets.