Weekly Video Roundup: NYC parking removal, MTBing in Jamaica, and more

Welcome to this week’s roundup! I’m posting this later in the week because I’ve been busy. At least I was busy with cycling, right? We’re starting with a video from New York, showing some of the activism that was required to get the new parking-protected bike lane on Amsterdam Avenue from 72nd to 110th. They seem really happy with it.

This Youtube vlogger is an American living in Germany. In this episode she talks about cycling in Munich and how she went from being a decent bicycle rider in America to being terrible in Germany. She explains the dream versus reality of cycling in a summer skirt and talks about grade separation too. The comments are civil and pleasant, especially this comment about bicycling to school as a child.

These “bikes you’ve never heard of” are all exotic/niche bikes, of course, but the 33lb folding electric bike is interesting, and the Bastion was pretty cool.

Here’s a Shimano video ostensibly following enduro (mountain bike) racing. Ultimately it’s just a well-produced video showing some beautiful scenery and some riding.

On the mountain topic, here’s a super-muddy ride on the Les Gets downhill course. Sure, riding in mud isn’t good for the trail, but it’s also sooooooo muddy.

This ‘Roll With It’ book from Blackburn looks really cool- I like the illustrations, at least. I’ve been wanting to see the film (of the same name), this comes with a download code, which is perfect. (the 26-minute film is available for rent for $10)

Alleycat racer Lucas Brunelle records a lot of videos. He’s in Florida here, and it’s clear he’s skitching most of the way. Super-dangerous. (an instance of colorful language past the 2 minute mark)

The peeps at GCN did a saddle height test to see if it affects performance, but it’s time for the mountain biking peeps at GMBN to do the same:


I have a new bike with a SRAM powerlink. I’ve dealt with them before but I had problems this time. I need to bookmark this video because it explains how to deal with various brands and types of chain links. (also, what’s the difference between short/mid/long deraillers?)

I love my Brunotti vids. This one is water-themed. So much fun.

I’ve never thought about cycling in Jamaica, let alone mountain biking. This video hooked me in the first minute:

Pro racing

The Aviva Women’s Tour started in Britain last week. This video covers the first stage, with a preview and recap/spoilers (hey, it’s been a week).

Vlogger KymNonStop had a rough time at Dirty Kanza. Here’s her experience. (warning for language and showing the injury, also, her recovery vlog)

Other interesting racing videos: team car/mechanic ridealong during the Tour de Suisse (no obvious spoilers), profile of Prendas Ciclismo, a classic jersey reproduction company (including that ugly Mapei one and the one I want), another Dirty Kanza rider interview, pro racer Hannah Barnes talks about recovering from an injury too, and 60-plus Dirty Kanza winner talks about how extreme it was, profile on the rise of Orica GreenEdge.

Tour de France

It’s that time already! I’m splitting this from the above section and will avoid spoiling a stage until it’s been 7 days.

Anyhow, GCN’s weekly episode had a section on their TDF picks (starting around the 7 minute mark, expect spoilers of other races, like Giro and Tour de Suisse). This is their pre-preview show, I guess.

Honorable Mentions

This week’s honorable mentions: the most British cycling etiquette question ever, POV of a huge road descent on Mallorca, inspirational ‘lifestyle marketing’ from Strava, Trek’s new Silque, a endurance road bike designed for women, Queensboro Bridge improvements over the past 16 years, Brompton Urban Challenge in the Philippines, and 5 products that could be the future of cycling (but won’t).

Inclusion criteria: If I’ve missed something, post it in the comments! I prefer videos published in the last week or so. Note if there’s a specific point in a long video that is worth highlighting. Also note if there is colorful language. I will delay videos containing pro racing spoilers by 7 days.

– Ted Timmons, @tedder42

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7 years ago

Editorially, I don’t know if you have any control over this when publishing on BikePortland, but when there’s a dump of embedded videos, it’s nice if the video info and play controls (grr, BSNYC) aren’t disabled. The Watch Later icon makes it super easy to build a playlist for watching on the TV.

Our American in Germany exemplifies the real cultural problem of accepting bicycling impossibility by default. It starts when you take off the training wheels and for most people, it never lets up. It doesn’t matter how many people and personal accomplishments have come before you, *this* particular feat is too much—for real this time. (Insert rant about protected bike lanes addressing overblown fears to bait constituency for vastly more significant safety measures)

7 years ago

I guess Lucas Brunelle has not mellowed with age.