Wednesday Video Roundup: DIY repair help, Maupin, and the world’s fastest bike

Welcome to this week’s roundup! Apologies that it has been delayed, but I’m still calling it a Wednesday roundup. I mean, Wednesday is a state of mind, right?

Our first video is a DIY series by a community bike organization. They have a full series of videos in English and Spanish and are even downloadable- handy for working on a bike that is on the street. I’m highlighting the rear derailleur installation, since it’s difficult to adjust for those new to wrenching. They are from Bikes Not Bombs, which is a Boston-area community bike resource. The audio mixing is a little rough, but they demonstrate a good range of common repairs.

Here’s a great story out of Dallas, Texas on a bike recovery. The local news happend to see her thief while they were working on the story. It’s awesome when they confront him.

This is a bike tourist showing his cross-Europe trip, cycling to the Alps and then up the highest passes. His video is really good for a solo traveller- the selfie stick certainly helps. There’s a cargo bike tourist around the 4:48 mark, and I’ve climed the pass around the 7 minute mark (Glandon), which didn’t make the Top 10. This is a really pleasant video.

This short clip is about The Program, the film with Ben Foster about Lance Armstrong’s doping. It’s a short making-of clip (“I can’t believe we got through two weeks [of filming] without crashes”). The film itself is playing at Living Room Theaters, I don’t think it will play for too long though.


Russ from PathLessPedaled has a quick clip about the Imperial River Company, a cute hotel/lodge/restaurant in Maupin. I’ve stayed there to ride Blazing Pedals (is that ride sitll happening?), and I know the OBRA/RAO types go out there for the Ring of Fire endurance time trial event. Anyhow, Maupin is a great town for cyclists and outdoorsy types. There’s some pretty terrain and good rides. It’s interesting to hear the owner discussing their bicycle business.

This subtle promo from Specialized does a good job capturing the anticipation of the beginning of a ride. It’s fairly inclusive to different types of rides.

Here’s another one from Specialized showing many different types of rides. It’s a trailer for.. something. There’s a lot of classic American Southwest desert riding but more too.

Here’s a similar promo from Shimano.

I don’t feature enough BMX. This is a nice video with a good soundtrack. Enjoy.

Cargo bike peeps should enjoy this- a good video on the e-assist Urban Arrow cargo bike. The enclosed chain is really slick. Look at that poncho too!

Brooklyn-based Affinity makes a steel track bike. It’s cool to see custom bike building, of course.

A few years ago some of us backed the Aerovelo project on Kickstarter, which was a human land speed record attempt. They set the record after many setbacks. Watch this video to see how the bike wraps around the rider- certainly not something for anyone who is claustrophobic. Here’s a more artsy video showing the record-setting run,

Here’s a pleasant video of downhill mountain bike riding in Bali. It looks like they had a great time- and it reminds me that tropical areas get a lot of rain.

This week’s honorable mentions: GCN’s how to make your bike last longer, and GCN talks about the two racing fatalities at the beginning of their weekly show, and a super-simple ‘learn to ride a bike’ video.

Inclusion criteria: If I’ve missed something, post it in the comments! I prefer videos published in the last week or so. Note if there’s a specific point in a long video that is worth highlighting. Also note if there is colorful language. I will delay videos containing pro racing spoilers by 7 days.

– Ted Timmons, @tedder42

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Brendan Treacy
Brendan Treacy
7 years ago

You’re really good at finding some great videos. Even if they are just marketing I thought the specialized ones were pretty moving. Make me want to get out there and ride across the state or something.

7 years ago

Pardon me, but I don’t understand the point of traveling a very long distance to somewhere unusually beautiful, and then tearing past the scenery at Mach 4. BTW, great bike handling skills.

7 years ago

The hysterical thing about Todd’s record run is that he wasn’t able to get into top gear and lost significant power at too high an RPM at the end of his run. One of these years I’ll find a ride to Battle Mountain to help out and to watch. I’m just curious where in the future Todd will end up when he hit’s 88 🙂