Tagging along with the Kidical Mass Easter Ride

I tagged along with the Kidical Mass crowd on Sunday. There was a hailstorm and a rainstorm in the 30 minutes before the ride started, but the crowd massed at Overlook Park. We then rode as a group to Arbor Lodge Park. That’s a few miles, which is a lot for small tots who are happily pedaling along.

Being my first Kidical Mass, I got to see neighborhood parkways from a new point of view. Not only did I notice impatient car drivers more than otherwise, but a few of the road crossings (like crossing Greeley at Williams) seemed insurmountable.

Anyhow, it was a fun event, I’m especially proud of the above shot- capturing the uninhibited glee of the kids.

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Kiel Johnson / Go By Bike
kiel johnson
8 years ago

thanks for sharing!