WashCo Watch: Key vacancies at transportation posts

[Note from the publisher: We have some great sources in Washington County that frequently send us interesting bits of information. Most of the tips don’t end up developing into Front Page stories, but I figured they deserved to be shared somewhere. So I’m going to start putting them here under the “WashCo Watch” banner and see how it goes. — Jonathan]

There are some potentially very useful vacancies opening up and county staff will be recruiting for them soon. Below are a summary of them from page 15 of the County Board of Commissioners agenda for October 1st (download PDF here).

  • Northwest Area Commission on Transportation (NW ACT) – 2 term expirations
  • Planning Commission – 3 vacancies (2 terms expiring 01/31/14; 1 current vacancy)
  • Public Safety Coordinating Council – 2 vacancies (2 terms expiring 01/01/14)
  • Rural Roads Operations and Maintenance Advisory Committee (RROMAC) – 5 vacancies (5 terms expiring 12/01/13)
  • Urban Road Maintenance District Advisory Committee (URMAC) – 4 vacancies (3 terms expiring 12/31/13; 1 current vacancy)
    See pg. 19-20 for the full descriptions.

Getting people on these is key to a more walkable/bikable Washington County. The Public Safety thing is a bit out there, but might help preventing cops from letting drivers off easy when they kill and injure people due to “sun glare”, etc. All the other committees have a major impact on policy or funding of transportation projects.

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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