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Job Title
Service Technician

Bike Gallery

Job Description
Service Technicians, also known as bike mechanics, represent the link between customers and our service department. Being able to comfortably interact with customers is a basic expectation of all service personnel. This includes being able to respond to telephone inquiries, and customers in the store who have questions, want to buy parts, drop off a bike for service, or pick up a completed service job. When not responding to customer needs, technicians will spend the balance of their shift building or repairing bicycles, installing parts, or calling customers who have completed repairs waiting to be picked up. Service technicians must be highly skilled in the maintenance and repair of a wide variety of bicycle makes, models, and component parts. It is also an expectation that service technicians will keep current with new technology and changes in equipment design.


Interacting with customers
All service technicians are expected to be skilled and confident in assisting customers at the service counter; on occasion this may require stepping out from behind the service counter to assist with a bike, part, or accessory question. These responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
• Greeting customers who are picking up or dropping off bikes for service
• Provide estimates for service and repairs based upon customer interaction and an evaluation of the bike in question
• Write service tickets that are clear and legible
• Provide customers with an estimated time for completion of the work; remind customers of our service hours and that they will be called when the work is done
• Investigate and capitalize on opportunities to sell customers upgrades in repair or replacement parts
• Investigate and capitalize on opportunities to sell customers replacement rubber
• Be able to answer customer questions about accessory compatibility and installation with confidence
• Initiate contact with customers when service work is completed
• Respond with confidence to opportunities to demonstrate features, advantages, and benefits for parts of other products customers may inquire about
• Always respond to phone inquiries with professionalism, courtesy, and enthusiasm

Perform service and repairs on customer bicycles
When not interacting with customers, service technicians are expected to occupy their time in servicing and repairing scheduled or ‘while you wait’ repairs. Bike Gallery service technicians are required to have in their possession the tools necessary to perform all routine mechanical services; supplies will be provided by the shop service manager on an as needed basis.
• Be able to diagnose and service a wide range of performance complaints for a wide range of equipment types
• Be able to diagnose and service a wide range of noise complaints for a wide range of equipment types
• Be able to complete a bicycle assembly for any product carried, to the established quality standard, and within the established time parameters for the product in question
• Be able to identify and perform all aspects of replacement part installation to the established time and quality standards
• Be able to deliver established service packages (tune-ups, overhauls, etc.) to the established time and quality standards
• Be able to recognize and respond to changes in the work priorities of the service department as indicated by volume or other circumstances
• Test ride all completed service work to verify performance
• Be able to recognize and respond to opportunities to build customer loyalty through the delivery of prompt, accurate service
• Be prepared to demonstrate the value of the service menu pricing and as well as all work performed
• Stay current with equipment manufacturer specifications and product developments that affect service procedures or compatibility issues

General retail skills
Working in a professional retail environment requires that an individual stay informed of developments in order to retain a high caliber of skill at performing everyday functions; these responsibilities include but are not necessarily limited to the following:
• Be competent and confident in point of sale terminal transactions; creating and tendering an invoice, save and hold, inventory search functions, layaways, special orders procedures, (if approved by manager) and creating new customer records
• Take initiative to learn about developments in our product lines; vendor, style, or model year changes as they occur
• Be familiar with the most recent policy and procedural updates and how they affect your job
• Be familiar with informational resources such as bike-a-log, the company intranet site, the company web sight, and the websites of key vendors and competitive retailers. Be able to anticipate where customers are likely getting their information, and what expectations they may have as a result.
• Seek to develop an awareness of regional and national industry trends
• Read the shop rag and the company newsletter

Professional conduct
All members of the service staff are expected to demonstrate a high level of professionalism in all activities and interactions. The quality of the customer experience and the work environment will be determined by the attitudes and actions of the staff.
• Consistently set the example for professional behavior, leadership, and support of company policies
• Treat all customers and vendors with professional courtesy; even in the face of what you may interpret as rude behavior, seek to retain professional objectivity
• Support and participate in employee training and development when appropriate
• Support and participate in the development of a cooperative, team oriented work environment
• Support and participate in the maintenance of a clean, organized, and professional looking work environment
• Manage all resources for the highest possible return on investment
• Base all decisions on the best information obtainable
• Seek management support when additional resources are required to solve a problem
• Represent the interests of the Bike Gallery in all transactions and business dealings
• Arrive five minutes early for all scheduled shifts ready to work
• Wear approved clothing that is clean and in good repair
• Analyze and avoid any potential safety risks associated with the performance of a particular task; report hazards to your manager
• Conduct all communications in a results oriented manner
• Treat all co-workers with respect and professional courtesy

How to Apply
Send cover letter and resume to:

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

Jonathan Maus (Publisher/Editor)

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