Crusade finale course a ‘soul-crusher’; but smiles prevail

Cross Crusade finale 2012-45

Mud left its mark on the Crusade finale out at PIR yesterday.
(Photos © J. Maus/BikePortland)

Before I had even laid eyes on the course out at the Portland International Raceway yesterday, a friend I ran into in the parking lot set the tone for the day: “It’s a soul-crusher out there, man.”

And it turns out he wasn’t exaggerating.

The finale of the 2012 River City Bicycles Cross Crusade was one for the ages. Many people I spoke to throughout the day said the thick mud made this the most difficult race in recent memory. Saturated from rain, yet still dry enough to be sticky, there was nowhere to hide.

“That was ugly,” said one veteran racer at the finish line. “That was the hardest race of my life.”

“I rode until I couldn’t ride anymore and then I had to run. Then I ran until I couldn’t run anymore and I had to ride,” said another.

People were flailing on the run-ups and slipping down the descents. Many were forced to stop during the race to remove built-up mud from their brakes and tires to get their bike rolling again. It was a test of mental and physical will…

Cross Crusade finale 2012-9

Cross Crusade finale 2012-21

Cross Crusade finale 2012-13

Cross Crusade finale 2012-7

Cross Crusade finale 2012-17

Cross Crusade finale 2012-54

Cross Crusade finale 2012-8

Cross Crusade finale 2012-52

It’s hard to tell how hard a race is if you only look at the racers as they stream by. You have to look closer at the faces of the riders…

Cross Crusade finale 2012-16

Cross Crusade finale 2012-49

Cross Crusade finale 2012-57

Cross Crusade finale 2012-58

Cross Crusade finale 2012-64

Cross Crusade finale 2012-76

Cross Crusade finale 2012-44

And at the faces of sheer relief mixed with euphoric endorphins once they were done:

Cross Crusade finale 2012-69

Cross Crusade finale 2012-70

Cross Crusade finale 2012-67

Cross Crusade finale 2012-68

Cross Crusade finale 2012-74

And you also have to look at the toll a course takes on equipment. A safe estimate on the number of crumpled rear derailleurs — which seize up with mud and then bend back until they break off the dropout — would be about 100. In the Men’s C category field alone, there were about 20 of them.

Cross Crusade finale 2012-63

Cross Crusade finale 2012-71

But there’s something about tough courses and dreary weather conditions that bring out the legendary ambiance of the Cross Crusade. The team tents bustled with activity. Friends and families huddled together to enjoy the camaraderie. Small campfires crackled, pots of food boiled, and copious amounts of beer was shared.

Cross Crusade finale 2012-4

Cross Crusade finale 2012-18

Cross Crusade finale 2012-19

There’s a strange relationship between fans and racers when the going gets tough. The more challenging a course is, the more fun it is to watch. People lined the course in the most treacherous sections, and their fun came at the expense of the racers.

Cross Crusade finale 2012-59

Other spectators tantalized with free beer hand-ups. One group of fans, in an attempt to lure a racer into stopping, placed a hot dog on a bun atop a can of Pabst. And sure enough, someone stopped to pick it up. Another racer I saw, took a beer hand-up; downed a swig, and then crashed flat on his back in the soupy mud. He then started making mud angels before starting back up again.

Cross Crusade finale 2012-6

Note the hot dog and beer on the lower right.

Yes, muddy conditions often make adults act like kids (as does cyclocross in general). Organizers of yesterday’s Kiddie Cross spared the little ones any mud-bogs, but given how excited the kids were to race, I’m sure they would have barreled right through it.

Cross Crusade finale 2012-26

Cross Crusade finale 2012-37

Cross Crusade finale 2012-36

Cross Crusade director Brad Ross enjoyed a nice cold beer toward the end of the day. He told me overall participation numbers are a bit down this year, but he’s not surprised. A number of other cyclocross events and series’ have sprung up and are seeing big numbers. Cross Crusade is far from the only game in town. Ross loves that. He actually helps other organizers with their events. “I just want to see as many people as possible racing cross.”

— View more photos in the gallery.

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9 years ago

Soul crushing would be an apt description.

Tanner Volz
Tanner Volz
9 years ago

really beautiful reportage here – nicely done! Photos are fantastic. Looks like a crazy, brutal, memorable time

9 years ago

Mud alone doesn’t kill derailleurs – mud + gravel does. Brad and his team made a few course corrections during and after the C/Clyde and Master’s C race, but it was too late for most of the damage.

Gravel needs to come after pavement, not after mud.

9 years ago
Reply to  Steven

Mud alone can kill a derailleur.

9 years ago
Reply to  davemess

No, it needs a co-conspirator. But gravel is not the only candidate – there were plenty of leaves, and I’ve seen just long grass + sticky mud do the job. For a real professional derailleur remover, try Sauvie Island mud + corn husks.

9 years ago

Jonathan – I saw you taking pictures but I did NOT see you out on course!

Jim Lee
Jim Lee
9 years ago

Derailleurs are for roads only.

9 years ago

I am soooo bummed that I missed this race. Can’t wait until next season!

PS: Today would be a great day for a cx race, no?

9 years ago

Dude, that course was stupid hard. I thought I might have an advantage with no derailleur to muck up (ha!). I ran about a quarter of the course. What was even stupider than the foot-deep mud through much of the course: no frites for sale (what?!?), and the beer tent was closed before the women’s race was done. Made for an unhappy race day for this lady.

9 years ago
Reply to  Erinne

Also super bummed not to get my final fix of garlic frites… Bacon nutella waffles almost made up for it, though.

9 years ago

Way to Matt Hall! Hope your mouth was dirt free while grinding those teeth as hard as your gears!

9 years ago

Great coverage Jonathan! This was the 5th year BTA has organized the BTA Kids Cross series at Cross Crusade and definitely the best.
Hot Laps, racing 10-minutes +1 lap on their own course and they had their own numbers!
Also, a growing juniors field means we’ve got lots of years of great racing to come.